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Skin Deep – Greg James, Kirk Alley



Skin Deep is a five-episode series exploring the world of tattooing and its history. Each episode highlights a particular artist and style, including Polynesian and modern ink.

StarringTricia Allen, Kirk Alley, Greg James, Erika Stanley, John Brian "Swag" Knowles

Directed by: Tony Miller

Genre: Documentary

Run Time: 134 minutes


Episode 1 - Sunset Strip Tattoo 

Featured artists: Greg James

Full body and Japanese style tattoo work go together on the Sunset Strip. Plus, do tattoo artists stop themselves from doing something their clients might regret?

Episode 2 - Kirk Alley

Featured artist: Kirk Alley

Kirk got his start back in the Motley Crue days, and today has an unique approach to formulating his artwork.

Episode 3 - Erika Stanley, Art and Soul Tattoo

Featured artist: Erika Stanley

Erika discusses her fascination with the wide variety of people who get tattoos, plus being a woman in a male-dominated art form.

Episode 4 - Swag's Tattoo Lounge

Featured artist: John "Swag" Knowles

The late artist known as Swag discusses personalization, making tattoos unique to each individual, and the pain threshold for men versus women.

Episode 5 - Tricia Allen

Featured artist: Tricia Allen

Tricia discusses modern Polynesian style tattooing and its evolution.



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