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Best movies for Father’s Day 2017


“A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” - a quote Zeus once told his son, Hercules, in the Walt Disney film Hercules. Fathers play a very vital role in many motion pictures, and an even more important role in the lives of real, everyday people. Dads across the globe should always be appreciated for what they do for their families, and that dedicated day is coming up where it’s our job to make dad’s day even a little more special. The love between a father and his child is, arguably, one of the strongest things in the world. Despite all the shark attacks, obstacles, and hopelessness, do you think Marlin would have ever found Nemo if he hadn’t loved his son as much as he had? This binding love is what drives fathers across the world to do what they do. Despite losing his job and being evicted, Chris Gardner (actor Will Smith) was motivated to never give up in hopes of giving his son a better life in The Pursuit of Happiness. That fatherly love one has for his child is what helps him push through any and all hardships he may face in a day.


Many of us have no desire to have children. Does that mean I’m missing out on this “binding love?” Sonny Koufax (actor Adam Sandler) was a thirty-two-year-old immature slacker who’s biggest fear, was the mere thought of responsibility. After Sonny’s girlfriend dumps him, actor Adam Sandler has the brilliant idea of adopting a five-year-old child (actor Dylan Sprouse, actor Cole Sprouse) in hopes of proving his maturity to his girlfriend. Things don’t go the way Sonny had planned and finds himself stuck with the kid until an adopting parent decides to claim him. As time passes, actor Adam Sandler finds himself falling in love with the five-year-old child, loving him as if it were his own offspring. The love of a father is as beautiful as it is spontaneous. Many that have once said no to kids, will find themselves becoming parents in the future and realize bearing a child was one of the best things to have ever happened to them.

Big Daddy

Another important character in Big Daddy was the Delivery Guy (actor Rob Schneider), who helped Sonny realize that the five-year-old kid was making him his happiest he had ever been. Along with his many portrayals of unique characters, Ula in 50 First Dates; Ernesto in You May Not Kiss the Bride, offscreen actor Rob Schneider is the father of two beautiful daughters (Elle King, Miranda Scarlett Schneider). So be sure to reciprocate that fatherly love 100 times and give Pops a big hug this Sunday!

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What Are the Actors from YOU MAY NOT KISS THE BRIDE Doing Now…


You May Not Kiss the Bride, a romantic comedy, contains the right amount of love, action, and wit to keep American audiences happy. With notable stars, like actress Katharine McPhee (most known for her role Karen Cartwright in the hit TV show Smash) and actor Rob Schneider (known for starring in his saga of Deuce Bigalow films), it is no wonder why You May Not Kiss the Bride made audiences across the globe laugh, awe, and sit on the edge of their seats. The entire cast has been staying busy since their 2011 spring debut.


Our main protagonist, Bryan Lighthouse (actor Dave Annable), is to star in the Horror/Thriller Armed Response. Actor Dave Annable has also been establishing his Television dominance with his role Dr. Jack McAndrew in the very successful TV series Red Band Society (8/10 stars - IMDb) and his current role Dr. Pierce Harrison in NBC’s original series Heartbeat.

American Horror StoryTwo more added to the list, who have been absolutely killing it on television sets across the nation, are actress Kathy Bates (Bryan’s Mother) and actress Mena Suvari (Tonya). Both have appeared on the cult-followed series American History Story. While actress Kathy Bates has appeared in over half the series (46 episodes), Kathy has been earning, even more, screen time with such roles, Jo Bennett in the award-winning TV series The Office and also appearing alongside Ashton Kutcher in CBS’s Two and a Half Men. Not to forget You May Not Kiss the Bride’s nutty, sex-driven character Tonya (actress Mena Suvari), who may have only appeared in the film a few scenes, has accumulated the most credits out of the entire cast since its 2011 release date (IMDb). This highly motivated and driven actress has been demonstrating her relevance in the entertainment world from voice-overing in the animated series Justice League Action to starring in the American Pie film chronicles.

Mena Suvari

Actress Mena Suvari, as the rest of the cast, has been staying occupied since it’s Sonoma International Film Festival debut. The accomplishments of these talented actors and actresses, alike, clearly show why The World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation decided to go with You May Not Kiss the Bride.  


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Rob Schneider and Katharine McPhee star in romantic comedy, “You May Not Kiss the Bride”


If you’re looking for a story of an adventurous budding romance followed by uncontrollable laughter, then director Rob Hedden’s film, You May Not Kiss the Bride, is your best bet.

This film includes many well-known stars such as Dave Annable (What’s Your Number, Little Black Book) and Katharine McPhee (Scorpion, The House Bunny) who both play the main characters. Adding to the humor, Rob Schneider and Academy Award winner Kathy Bates also make an appearance. The film lacks dull moments when you see Mena Suvari, (American Beauty, American Pie) who was once known in Hollywood as the most patriotic actress of 2000 with her charming talent and sex appeal.

You May Not Kiss the Bride is a story of pet photographer Bryan Lighthouse (Dave Annable), who, after experiencing a sequence of events, ends up being forced to marry a Croatian mobster’s daughter, Masha (Katharine McPhee). The newlywed couple spend their honeymoon at a resort in Tahiti where Masha’s boyfriend, Brick, follows them.

A waitress suggests that Bryan takes Masha to a secret beach near a tropical rainforest for a romantic time. While at the beach, Masha plays around and runs off into the rainforest where she then gets kidnapped. Bryan then finds out that he has a follower of his own, Tonya (Mena Suvari), his personal assistant who is in love with him.

When Brick catches wind of what happened, he immediately reports it to Masha’s father who is enraged. Bryan gets a phone call from Masha’s kidnappers demanding a ransom and then the adventure begins.

You May Not Kiss the Bride is jam packed with action, adventure, and cheesy jokes that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

This film was released April 6, 2011 at the Sonoma Film Festival and is now available on several major cruise lines through World Wide Motion Pictures.