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Happy 57th Birthday, Daryl Hannah!


Happy 57th Birthday to Daryl Hannah! The actress is known for several movies, such as her roles in Splash, Blade Runner, and in Steel Magnolias. Daryl Hannah also had a role in the Kill Bill films, directed by Quentin Tarantino. In her personal life, she deals with personal issues of autism. As she told People Magazine, doctors wanted to send her to an institution when she was a child, but her mother did not want her to be taken to any such place. As she told the magazine, she fell in love with movies and she ended moving from Chicago to LA when she was just 17 years old to pursue her acting career.



Hannah is also a very active environmental activist and continues to work toward saving and preserving the environment. Speaking of which, she is featured heavily in the 2009 documentary film Welcome to Eden, which focuses on the former largest urban farm in the nation in South Central Los Angeles. While developers had plans for its demolition and retail development, she fought for the right of inner-city dwellers to have access to fresh food and community. While she didn’t protest by living in one of the trees at the farm land, she certainly spoke out with passion to assist in keeping their community farm alive.


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Have a Happy Earth Day with Family Movies!


Earth Day, which falls on Saturday, April 22nd, is a worldwide celebration of life and positivity for world preservation awareness. The first Earth Day was celebrated worldwide on April 22nd, 1970. It is celebrated in over 190 countries and is currently one of the largest celebrated events in the world. As one of the largest non-profit ventures in the world, the Earth Day Movement has pushed for education and policy progress for over 40 years. Humans have one the highest effects on nature, and it is important for people to gain more awareness about their environment and natural resources. Not only is the news media sharing information on Earth Day celebrations, the film industry has been spreading awareness for decades.


The act of preserving the Earth is open to all ages, and the film industry has a movie for everyone. From documentaries to animated adventures, nature preservation and world films are a big part of Earth Day commemorations. Earth Day is not just about planting a seed in the ground, but spreading awareness for future planetary wellness.

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A few great examples of family-friendly Earth Day movies are The Lorax, Wall-E, March of the Penguins, Hoot, and Schoolhouse Rock! Earth. With planetary awareness on the rise amongst family-friendly movies, younger generations have better representations of what Earth Day is all about. Taking care of the planet is a responsibility for everyone. Planting a tree, and recycling are great means of preservation, but movies and media can make the biggest impact to the broadest audiences. Another big Earth Day event is the Earth Day film Festival which is held worldwide. The Earth Day Film Festival is a showcase of environmentally conscientious films and film projects. With the festival focusing on new themes every year, the festival calls for better clean energy and better zero waste movements.

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For cinephiles and documentary lovers, there is Welcome to Eden, a documentary on the preservation of the largest urban farm in America. Earth Day is only successful if people bring awareness to the world’s health and its problems. If you would like to keep up to date with future projects, be sure to follow us on our social media and check out for more updates.

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Happy Birthday, Joan Baez – a musician, activist and inspiration for a generation


World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation would like to proudly wish Joan Baez a Happy 76th Birthday. Her strong charisma has led her to be a strong activist in many areas of conflict around the world. Aside from being an activist, she uses her music to inspire peace and understanding wherever she goes.

If we can learn anything from Joan Baez it is that we should be able to help and stand up for people by supporting great and charitable causes. “What’s had meaning in my life is what I have done out in the world for other people, way more than the music, and way more than the money,” says Baez in an interview in the documentary film Welcome to Eden. World Wide recognizes her today for her ceaseless efforts in preserving the small farm which had been located in the heart of South Central Los Angeles. Congratulations once again on another year, Joan Baez. World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation wishes you the best in your future endeavors that are to come.  


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Willie Nelson surprises SXSW attendees with a full performance


Willie Nelson surprised crowds with a special appearance at the popup Spotify House venue at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) on March 6.

Nelson performed a full set of classic country hits with his band just one day after his concert at Rodeo Austin. He played popular songs such as “Always On My Mind,” “On the Road Again,” and “Whiskey River.” Nelson’s albums “Shotgun” (1973) , “Red Headed Stranger” (1975), and “Stardust” (1978) were so successful that it made Nelson one of the most recognized artists in country music.

Spotify House is the official SXSW venue from March 13 through the afternoon of March 18.

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It’s National Picnic Day: Have a Picnic!


Summer is almost here and today is National Picnic Day, so let’s celebrate by gathering our closest friends and family for a fun-filled day at a local park, pool, or patio. Here are some  precautions everyone should keep in mind when planning a picnic. First of all, remember to keep hands clean. Everyone says it, but washing your hand means washing with hot water and soap and at least for 15 seconds. This cuts down on bacteria being transferred from one food item to another. When dealing with different types food, remember to keep the raw and pre-made foods separate from each other - this includes separate cutting boards and knives. These precautions will cut down on the cross contamination that may occur.

Another health concern while on a picnic is the temperature of the food: keep cold food cold and hot food hot. When picnicking with hot food, remember to stir it often to prevent burning or clumping and to keep it at a temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum protection. Cold foods need to be stored in a cooler and shouldn’t get above 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Lastly, remember to cook food thoroughly (well done meat) and that foods like Mayonnaise, salad dressing, and desserts can only be out for two hours before the bacteria multiply to dangerous levels.

Having a picnic may not be a “picnic” because of the time to prep your food and food safety maintenance, but it also has a few benefits. The average American has little time to enjoy the greenery of nature. On a picnic you have nothing but time to yourself to enjoy said greenery, which leads to lower stress levels. Lowered stress leads to a lower blood pressure, pulse rate, and cortisol levels. Another benefit is all the vitamin D one would get by sitting out in the sunshine. 93% of all Americans have a vitamin D deficiency and that means weaker bones and teeth. So get out in the sunshine and get stronger bones and teeth on your picnic.

Having a picnic and being with others also brings out the inner child and makes us more active. Working out doesn’t only happen in a gym, running and/or playing outside burns calories in an enjoyable way. Tossing a frisbee can burn more calories than you may think and doing it with a friend makes the time fly by. The last benefit of having a picnic is all the fresh air. Fresh oxygen from the air helps with many bodily functions including cleansing your blood and leaving your skin acne free and glowing.

So enjoy your picnic and remember that “A picnic is more than eating a meal, it is a pleasurable state of mind,” said DeeDee Stovel, author of Picnic: 125 Recipes with 29 Seasonal Menus.

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Happy Thanksgiving, watch Welcome to Eden!


Thanksgiving is a time for food and family, but for some of us we would rather be on our digital devices. I have found a perfect way to combine films with Thanksgiving. Most films about Thanksgiving are about the family disaster that happens during the meal. These movies are funny, but you’ve seen them hundreds of  times. What you really need is a film like Welcome to Eden. It has nothing to do with Thanksgiving exactly, it’s a documentary which will make you thankful for every mouthful of food you have eaten. That extra helping mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie will even more appreciated, after watching Welcome to Eden. This documentary focuses on a local urban farm in LA that is being forced to shut down. Many activists, including Willie Nelson, Joan Baez, and Daryl Hannah, were there to lend their support.

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing what you have with those less fortunate. There are 2.6 million children who will die as a direct result of hunger. The native Americans helped the colonists survive the long winter with food. The world has enough food to feed everyone, but it's unprofitable. Try something new this year and get everyone to watch Welcome to Eden, they will be better people for the watching.