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Critics are Raving About the New CINDERELLA Movie


There are many versions of telling the story Cinderella such as Ella Enchanted, A Cinderella Story, and Ever After. But the most recent, live-action release of Cinderella is the one to beat. Audiences should know the film stays true to character with a more faithful adaptation of the source material than the animated classic Disney movie.

Critics are raving how enchanting and fantastic the movie was. The director Kenneth Branagh did an excellent job on the movie by bringing out the story with the success of set design, special effects, and getting an amazing cast. “The production design by Dante Ferretti is lush and regal in the palace, country-modest at Ella's family's rural estate”, says Betsy Sharkey from LA Times. Sharkey continues describing Ella and the step-sisters dresses from being over-the-top crinoline pomp to the flowing softness of Ella’s rag dress.

Another review by Richard Roeper of Chicago Sun-Times says, “Branagh makes use of cutting-edge special effects without overdoing it.” Roeper says there was a wickedly, funny sequence  with Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother, along with the transformation of mice into horses and a giant pumpkin into a golden carriage.

Ben Chaplin, who plays Cinderella’s father, works with recognizable and talented actors such as Cate Blanchett, Helen Bonham Carter, and Lily James in the movie. WFAA special contributor, Hayden Pittman, says the casting is terrific, “Blanchett portrays her character perfectly with just enough wickedness to not frighten the field mice away.”

You can also catch Ben in Ways to Live Forever, distributed by World Wide Motion Pictures. Ways to Live Forever is available on Vimeo and DVD, and Cinderella is out in theaters now. Be sure how Ben plays a father figures in both movies.