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Re-living Red Roses and Petrol Once Again!



9 years of unrivaled legacy from actors such as Malcolm McDowell, Olivia Tracey, Max Beesley, as well as Susan Lynch. The movie, Red Roses and Petrol revolves around the death of a family figurehead that reunites the dysfunctional family members. Malcolm McDowell (Enda Doyle) plays the role perfectly as a university librarian, poet, and an all-around complicated man that leaves the family very much scattered and drifted apart. The drama film, initially based off a stage play by Joseph O’ Conner (who is a successful Irish novelist), won multiple awards ranging from Avignon Film Festival to the Palm Springs Film Festival due to its captivating moments that stem from its family disputes and instability.



What the family could have looked like had Enda Doyle lived. Happily ever after!

Fast-forward 9 years from the theatrical release date of the film, these actors all have created a footprint in the industry and have are still pursuing great things. Malcolm McDowell will be co-hosting Broadway Barks, an annual event about a star-studded dog and cat adoption event that benefits New York City animal rescue groups whereas stars such as Olivia Tracey have taken more of a backseat route in producing films rather than acting in it.

If you have not had the opportunity to watch the film yet, you can find it here. It is also another one on the list to watch with your family during this Summer!

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Top 5 Sci-fi Movies starring Malcolm McDowell


Happy 74th Birthday Malcolm McDowell! With over 45 years in the business, Malcolm McDowell has starred in films of many genres and has had a wide range of roles throughout his career as well. From dramas such as Red Roses and Petrol to A Clockwork Orange, McDowell can pretty much portray any character in any universe. Here are the top 5 sci-fi movies starring Malcolm McDowell.

Star Trek Generations

Star Trek: Generations


In Star Trek: Generations, Malcolm McDowell plays Doctor Tolian Soran, a scientist set on gaining access to the Nexus. The Nexus is an ultra-dimensional realm in which one’s desires become reality. In order to open up the Nexus, Soran must fight against the Enterprise and destroy any star systems in his path.

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange


In A Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell plays Alex Delarge who leads his gang of thugs through a crime spree in the streets of London. When DeLarge gets arrested and sentenced for his crimes, he agrees to participate in a rehabilitation therapy experiment. DeLarge loses a part of himself in the process and returns to the free world unable to fend for himself from his past.

Time After Time

Time After Time


In Time After Time, Malcolm McDowell plays H.G. Wells, a time machine inventor. Instead of traveling through time to the perfect future that he has envisioned, McDowell chases after Jack The Ripper. After Jack uses his time machine to travel back to the 1970’s. McDowell must use his invention to travel through time and bring Jack back to the present to face his crimes.




In Doomsday, Malcolm McDowell plays the role of a former scientist gone mad. Ravaged by the Reaper Virus, humanity tries to rebuild itself. Years have passed since the initial outbreak of the Reaper Virus, but the virus hasn’t been completely contained. Now a team of operatives must go back into the contamination zone to find a cure for the disease before it’s too late.




In Antiviral, Malcolm McDowell plays the role of Dr. Abendroth, a physician trying to discover the ailment of his most recent clients. A company is creating the ultimate fanbase experience. Super fans can now experience the same illnesses and diseases of their favorite celebrities. With a growing black market, viruses are being spread under the table of Hollywood’s spotlight.

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St. Patrick’s Day Films to Binge On


What’s the craic?

Another year, and another Saint Patrick’s Day. The day of the year when Irish heritage, culture, and everything else Irish is celebrated.

Historically, this is the day Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland died. In his honor, March 17th has been celebrated by the Irish dating all the way back to early 17th century, and as of recent has become a day to celebrate and be merry around the world.

Usually, this day is celebrated by spending the day with your family, feasting on corned beef and drinking Guinness, or wearing green or shamrocks. You may also want to attend and immerse yourself at the numerous parades and festivals that have crowded all the nearby streets and parks, in order to celebrate with other slightly inebriated individuals.

Now, if you are planning on celebrating this wonderful holiday, but the thought of jam-packed bars and parade-filled streets have you petrified and staying at home all day, then I hope you’re prepared with a fridge full of Guinness and a belly full of corned beef. We have selected for you a great selection of Irish-themed films for you to binge on today in honor and celebration of our Irish brothers and sisters.

Gangs of NY

Gangs of New York - A tall-tale of violence, corruption, and greed follow as Leonardo DiCaprio, the son of a dead Irish immigrant, returns to New York in the name of revenge and power. Do not be fooled by the constant violence and gore of this movie, as it also shows the struggles of Irish immigrants as they as they tried to settle down in New York. If you have an appetite for carnage, there is an extremely well-done battle scene between the armies of DiCaprio and Bill “The Butcher” who is exceptionally performed by Daniel Day-Lewis that should fill your appetite.

Boondock Saints

Boondock Saints - “It’s Saint Paddy’s day, everyone’s Irish tonight!” The story follows two poor Irish brothers in a crime-riddled Boston area. After killing some mafia members in self-defense, they find an appetite and a deep twisted pleasure for handing out justice to some of the main crime lords of Boston. Although this film originally did not receive a theater showing, the Boondock Saints film is now known as a cult classic through its extensive and very over-the-top violence.

The Departed

The Departed - Starring the powerful trio of Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Matt Damon, The Departed follows the story of a crime boss in Boston (Nicholson) and two Irish descent policeman that work for him (Damon and DiCaprio). One of them is his mole, and the other has infiltrated his organization. Tune into this Scorsese masterpiece, which won him his first Best Director Oscar, to unravel the rest of this brilliant story.

Michael Collins

Michael Collins - Starring Liam Neeson as Michael Collins himself, this movie is as patriotic as you can get for any Irish man or woman. Collins is a man infatuated with the vision of an independent Ireland, and he will stop at nothing in order to achieve this dream for his countrymen. A brutal and violent film, Michael Collins is captured beautifully through its wonderful cinematography. Other noteworthy stars like Alan Rickman and Julia Roberts deliver exceptional performances that solidify this piece of work as one of the all-time premier Irish films.

Red Roses and Petrol

Red Roses and Petrol - A World Wide Motion Picture Corporation feature film, Red Roses and Petrol is an award-winning, dark comedic drama. In it, Malcolm McDowell stars as an Irish poet, librarian, and rascal whose sudden death resurfaces all the past problems in his family, as they are reunited in his memory. Tune into this drama to unravel the secrets of this dysfunctional family.

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Women’s History Month: Greater Diversity in Hollywood


March is not only a time to welcome the springtime but also a month to celebrate women worldwide as it is Women’s History Month! There have been a lot of women who have contributed to the film industrywhether through directing, screenwriting, etc. A great example would be Tamar Simon Hoffs, who is well-known for her work in the film Red Roses and Petrol (2003) that was distributed by World Wide Motion Pictures (WWMPC). Hoffs is particularly interesting as she is the first woman to receive credit for playing all three roles of director, writer, and producer for the major studio film, The Allnighter (1987).

Despite the great strides women in the film industry have accomplished, there has been a problem for both genders in Hollywood―diversity. As a result, to commemorate Women’s History Month, why not discuss the growth in diversity amongst actresses throughout the years? Here are two amazing actresses that have made significant contributions to the diversity in Hollywood!

Viola Davis

First off would be Academy Award Golden Globe and Emmy award actress, Viola Davis! Since 2014, Davis has been in the popular TV drama How to Get Away with Murder, and in 2015 she became the first black woman of any nationality to win the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. Her portrayal in the TV drama also won her two SAG Awards in 2015 and 2016. In 2012, she was listed by Time as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. And Sunday she won her first Academy Award, for her role in "Fences."


Constance Wu

Another actress that promotes diversity would be Constance Wu! Wu is known for her role as Jessica Huang in the ABC comedy series Fresh Off the Boat. It is a known fact that there is a limited number of Asian actors in Hollywood and Wu is well-known to speak her thoughts regarding this matter. For instance, in one of her interviews with Entertainment Weekly, she stated “[Diversity] doesn't mean we want the white people to write Asian stories. What I want is to foster the Asian-American writers and directors and producers and actors...foster their stories to come into the spotlight a little bit.”

It is great to see the growth that women in the film industry, especially in Hollywood, have accomplished. Although there still exist problems and obstacles actresses have to face, they have indeed come a long way! Let’s clap our hands for the actresses out there who continue to push through these obstacles and help pave the way for other women in the industry or those interested in joining.

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Drink Beer Day 9/30


Beer - one of the world’s oldest and most widely-consumed beverages. From beer halls in Germany to U.S. college bars, it is one of the most popular beverages of all time. Though its popularity, it has become a part of the culture of many nations. With celebrations such as beer festivals, anniversaries of breweries, and games including this drink, it has become an important part of society. Today is Drink Beer Day and was commemorated to celebrate drinking beer and the wonderful variety of this delicious drink. Throughout time, it has evolved and people have been able to create hundreds of flavors of beers. There are also many different types of beer depending on how it is fermented the different ingredients involved. The many types of beer include:


  • Pale Ale: Predominantly comprised of pale malt and uses a top-fermenting yeast.
  • Stout/Porter: Darker beer using roast barley or roasted malts. They usually have slow fermenting yeast when brewed. Included in this category are sub-varieties such as dry stout, imperial stout, and Baltic porter.
  • Mild Ale: Made predominantly with a malty palate, it has an abv of 3%-3.6%.
  • Wheat Beer: Contains a significant amount of malted barley but is brewed with a large proportion of wheat.
  • Lambic: Naturally fermented using wild yeasts, rather than cultivated.
  • Lager: Cool fermented beer using a cool bottom-fermenting yeast.

Aside from celebrating with the use of this alcoholic beverage, alcohol can also be used as a toast of commemoration or remembrance, as seen in this scene of the film Red Roses and Petrol.  The film is available on DVD and digital download courtesy of World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation.

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Happy Women’s Equality Day 08/26/2016


Considering most leading roles are played by men, having women play strong roles in films continues to be a highly relevant topic in the movie industry. Women are not only underrepresented as actresses, but also in the director's chair. Only around 8% of directors are women, however it is funny what happens when women are put in the director's chair: they seem to hire more women.

On this Women's Equality Day, we're putting the spotlight on both female directors and actors, who are not only exceptional at what they do, but also are raising their voices for women everywhere.

One of the first that comes to mind is the first woman to win an Academy Award for Best Director, Kathryn Bigelow, who directed the film The Hurt Locker, and is also known for the film Zero Dark Thirty. Bigelow said in a statement to TIME that she believes that directors should be judged only based on their work, not by their gender, which continue to stigmatize the industry. She emphasizes that “gender neutral hiring is essential”.

Talent is found all over the world, especially in the French director Claire Dennis and has produced such films as White Material and 35 Shots of Rum. She is often given the high praise of being the best French director alive.

Yet another woman breaking records is director of our own Red Roses and Petrol Tamar Simon Hoffs, became the first woman to receive the triple director/writer/producer credit on a major studio feature film, The All Nighter.

Not only is Mira Nair coming to play a center stage role in film as a director, but also take the cake in learning, hailing from the alma mater of Harvard. Most renowned for her award-winning documentary Saloam Bombay, and owns her own production company, Mirabai Films, which is based in New York.

A Tony Award-winning director, Julie Taymor, has been recognized for her work on Broadway in the production of the Lion King, becoming the first woman to win a Tony for a musical. She has also directed stirring films like Frida, showing that women can not only direct movies well, but also tell other women's stories well.

And it's not just directors, but actresses too, who are speaking out concerning women's rights and what it meant be a confident and modern woman.

Daryl Hannah, from the documentary Welcome to Eden, was listed by the Huffington Post as one of “5 Powerful Women Who Are Making a Positive Difference,” and is renowned for her contributions not only as an actress but also as an environmentalist and powerful voice against human trafficking, giving a voice to people and topics that perhaps would be often overlooked.

Salma Hayek's advice to young girls is simply to “Stand out, don't blend in,” and encourages women everywhere, “to really be profound thinkers that are excited about their differences and explore what they are and who they are and what can come out of the new.” Hayek has advanced such ideas in fundraising events for charities such as “Chime for Change”.

The currently highest-paid actress, Jennifer Lawrence, has spoken out against the gender pay gap, when she discovered that she had negotiated a smaller deal than her male counterparts in the hit movie American Hustle.

Lastly, we give you one of the most outspoken advocates in recent years for women's equality, British Harry Potter star Emma Watson. In conjunction with various organizations, she has built up quite a reputation for women's equality and feminism in general, encouraging men to come alongside women.

I want men to take up this mantle.” Watson said. “So their daughters, sisters and mothers can be free from prejudice, but also so that their sons have permission to be vulnerable and human too — reclaim those parts of themselves they abandoned and in doing so be a more true and complete version of themselves.”

Happy Women's Equality Day!