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Happy Birthday Paul Campbell, You Do You!


While some of us may mark June 22 as National Chocolate Eclair Day, it just so happens to also be the birthday our beloved Canadian actor Paul Campbell! Campbell’s earliest screen appearance was for a TV show called The Dead Zone back in 2002, but he has since started or been a part of many other TV shows and films.

Paul’s rise to fame came when he was cast to be Billy Keikeya in the revamped 2004 version of the 1970’s show, Battlestar Galactica, where he was the beloved personal assistant to the President of the Twelve Colonies Laura Roslin. Some of this other works involve Preggoland, Almost Heroes, and Rusty Steel. In 2005, he won himself a Leo Award for Best Lead Performance by a Male in the comedy-drama film Ill Fated (2004). The film also received other awards as well such as Best Direction for a Feature Length Drama. You can currently find Paul Campbell starring in the hilarious CTV sitcom Spun Out, which was nominated numerous times for the 2014 and 2015 Canadian Screen Awards.

Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell (now 38) was born in Vancouver, Canada on June 22, 1979. He is currently married to Lorie Campbell and has a son named Kingston. Some of Paul’s interests include putting peanut butter on everything, complaining about free samples at grocery stores, and eating chili with his shirt off. You can check out more of his Twitter shenanigans here. Best wishes to you Mr. Paul Campbell, and may you continue to provide us with more quality entertainment for many years to come.

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Brotherly Love on Brother’s Day


Happy Brother's Day everyone! I hope your siblings are not giving you too much trouble. Most brothers are seen by their siblings as troublemakers, idols, or their best friends. Sticking with you through thick and thin is what we want in a brother, and no one shows this more than Sam MacQueen and Felix Stranger from the film Ways to Live Forever. Now you may be thinking to yourself, "Hey, they're not actual brothers in the movie, they're just friends." Well, astute reader, you are right, but who says that a brother has to solely be a biological one? Your brother can be anyone you feel has a close connection to you. Sam and Felix both went through a common struggle and found ways to enjoy their lives even when there was something fatal such as cancer looming over them. That's what these characters did for one another: support each other in the wake of tragedy. Even though eating worms is not something I advise doing, it was a bonding experience for the boys, even if it was just learning to never eat worms ever again. Who knows if Sam would have started making videos without Felix being there, possibly causing a different title to come about unless they found another way to live for forever. If you would like to see Ways to Live Forever then click this link.

WTLF Brother

Another film brother duo is Mike and Rusty from the movie Rusty Steel, who end up finding Nazi gold but only through endless fun and adventure. Their interactions with one another make them seem like fire and ice where Rusty tries to find the value in things such as the boat given to them by their uncle, while Mike really only sees money as a valuable item. Even these differences, however, do not break their bond and in the end, they are strengthened by the journey they went through. You can watch the movie at this link.

Rusty Steel Brother

Whether biological or fake, you have a person in your life that you consider a brother. Through trials and tribulations, you find the value in being near those you cherish. So today, maybe dealing with your brother for a day isn't so bad.  


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Happy Holidays


The holiday season is upon us, and finding something for the children and extended relatives to do, while cooking leftovers, can be difficult. Fans of World Wide Motion Pictures may think that we have little in the way of holiday feature films, but a number of other titles in the library are worth checking out. Red Roses, and Petrol and Ways to Live Forever are very entertaining films with holiday themes like love, family, and food. Also, a number of our favorite actors and actresses are in classic holiday films, including Paul Campbell, Dean Stockwell from Rusty Steel, Natalia Tena from Ways to Live Forever, and many more.

These talented actors transform themselves for each role, whether a vocal, mental, or physical change. You’d never know that Paul Campbell’s, whiny and mischief-prone, character in Rusty Steel would lead him to become the kind, competitive and attractive leading man in the film Window Wonderland. This light-hearted, and romantic film is about Jack, played by Paul Campbell, and Sloan, played by Chyler Leigh, where they struggle to get the same department store window designer job. To resolve the conflict, they decide to have a competition where they each of design a holiday window display and see who gets more attention from the customers. In the end, they get each other’s attention instead, and fall in love.

If you don’t have the ninety minutes to spend on watching a full film, then watch a holiday episode of your favorite TV show. Dean Stockwell makes a cameo appearance in a holiday episode called “T’was the fight before Christmas,” of the 1970’s TV series McCloud. This crime series concerned a cowboy sheriff (Dennis Weaver), who becomes a New York Police officer and excels at getting justice for criminals. In Season 7’s Christmas episode, he prevents a woman from committing suicide and saves Santa from a hostage situation at a children's hospital.

If you can believe it, Willie Nelson is also in the holiday film Angels Sing. This film focuses on Michael, played by Harry Connick Jr. from Law & Order: SVU, who has lost the joy of the holiday season. When his son faces a similar tragedy, Michael must find the courage to rekindle his lost happiness and holiday spirit. If these don’t appeal, then watch all eight Harry Potter movies and spot World Wide’s favorite character Natalia Tena, who plays Nymphadora Tonks, a witch who can change her appearance.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and see you in the New Year!!

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Paul Campbell stars in Preggoland


Happy Birthday to Canadian actor Paul Campbell, who turns 36 years old today! Why not celebrate by checking out his most recent feature, the Canadian comedy, Preggoland - you’ll be glad you did. Released on May 8 this year and directed by Jacob Tierney, this comedy has even more going for it than it’s punny title.

In Preggoland, Ruth (Sonja Bennett), is an immature thirty-five year old who has been ostracized by her friends. She buys the most expensive stroller and gets mistaken for being pregnant. When this misunderstanding leads to job security and a cute guy she meets (Paul Campbell), she decides to run with it. Campbell plays the love interest, who is most known for his roles in Battlestar Galactica, as well as Spun Out and Rusty Steel.

The film also stars Danny Trejo and James Caan, who are some of the most recognizable actors in the film. The film had its world premiere on September 5, 2014 in the Special Presentations section at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. Preggoland was also screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival, Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival and Calgary International Film Festival.

Be sure to check Campbell in Preggoland. Also, Rusty Steel is available on VOD and DVD.