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An Ode to Parenthood on Parent’s Day 07/24/2016: A Modern Family



By definition, a parent is a person that brings up and cares for a child. Parenting a child comes with ups and downs and is never easy. Every day, parents push themselves in order to protect and provide for their family. It is a very crucial role that takes a lot of discipline and compassion to assure the proper development of their child. It is not a temporary job. From the birth of the child, taking his first breaths of the real world until the end, parents will be there. This Parent's Day, we recognize that being a parent can be very stressful at times, but it can also be something very beautiful.

Where would people be without parents? Without any guidance, children run the risk of becoming delinquents and unaware of what is virtuous and moral. Some parents have it easier than others.  Often, people think that once they are ready to have children, everything will be perfect. In regards to parents who have a child with special needs, it wasn’t what they expected. They are placed in a position of constantly having to care for another person powered by their endless love; it’s a characteristic that every parent seems to hold.

As shown in the movie Ways to Live Forever, being the parent of a child with an illness/disability can be an emotional roller coaster. In the movie, the main character named Sam, portrayed by Robbie Kay, is diagnosed with leukemia. As the movie goes on, it shows him and his newly made best friend, also terminal, attempting to complete things on a bucket list and trying to “live forever” through the artwork of video recording and writing a book. It also depicts how the parents of these children go through this way of life providing a better existence for their children who are ill.

Kudos to all the parents out there who have children with disabilities and illnesses. Parents Day is a day to celebrate and thank all parents for their hard work and unfailing support for their kids. To the parents whose kids aren’t disabled or have an illness, take this moment to be grateful and realize what others are going through. Parenting children with special needs may apply to everyone including celebrities. Here is a list of celebrities that have children who have special needs.