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Happy 41st Birthday to Actor, Johann Urb


On behalf of the entire staff at World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation, we would like to wish Estonian-born actor and producer Johann Urb a very heartwarming happy birthday! People may know him from some of his more recognizable roles in Resident Evil and Rusty Steel - in which he played Kennedy and Rusty, respectively. Although he is most known for those films, he actually began his acting career in 2001, where he landed a small role in the film Zoolander with actors Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Will Ferrell.

Johann began other projects right after Zoolander. He landed his next role in a movie called Fear of Feathers, followed by an appearance in the popular TV show CSI: Miami. Through the years, he managed to build a strong enough resume to appear in films such as 2012, which starred John Cusack, and Resident Evil with Milla Jovovich. He played a small role in both films, but he definitely added to the production in a big way! Although he has appeared in many films and a few television series, he managed to receive the most critical recognition for his role as the journalist in 2009’s Eastwick.

Johann has not appeared in a movie since 2016, but he is making a huge comeback with two romantic comedies that are currently in the works. No release dates have been announced, but we definitely wish him the best of luck in his upcoming projects.


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The Nightingale: Qin Hao


Chinese actor Qin Hao is soon to appear in the Chinese-French co-production The Nightingale (distributed by World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation). Qin Hao’s plays Chongyi, father to the young protagonist Renxing, and son to the second protagonist Zhu Zhi Yen. Chong Yi’s character brought an aura of antagonism from which the family suffered a split. Qin Hao’s character, however, is given complexity through his genuine love for his daughter, and through a pending separation from his wife that he feels he needs since they spend little time together as a unit. Chong Yi, however, gives in to the transformation of his daughter that occurs during the trip with her grandpa, and hopes to make amends with his father and his wife for the benefit of the family.

The actor Qin Hao was born in 1978 in the coastal Shandong province in the people’s republic of China. In 1996 he entered China’s renown Central Academy of Drama —school to many of the country’s famous actors such as Zhang Ziyi, and Gong Li- to receive his formal training as an actor. In 2005, Qin Hao made his cinematic debut playing a local boy in Wang Xiaoshuai’s film Shanghai Dreams —a film that was an official selection for the Palme D’or at the Cannes film festival. Qin Hao continued to do small roles until 2009 when he starred as the protagonist (Jiang Cheng) in Lou Ye’s controversial film Spring Fever. This picture explores erotic curiosity found in China, a subject that is connected to Hao’s character as he plays a travel agent who does drag shows at night and ends up in an affair with a married man. The film won best-screenplay at Cannes, despite China’s attempt to bar the filmmaker from making the film. After Spring Fever, Qin Hao followed with Wang Xiaoshuai’s 2010 film Chongqing Blues —another selection to the Cannes film festival. After this film Qin Hao took a hiatus from the cinema, but made some television appearances in the series City Lover (2012) and Desert Ballad (2012).

Qin Hao reappeared on the silver screen in 2014 in Blind Massage —another Lou Ye film that’s based on a popular novel by Bi Feiyu. He followed this film with a pivotal performance in The Nightingale. This production was ultimately submitted by China as their entry for the 87th Academy Awards. Since The Nightingale, Qin Hao has continued his career with several film in 2014, and this year he has appeared in a comedy in which he plays an aged retired rockstar in the movie Rock Hero. The Nightingale will debut in select US theaters November 6, and it will be an opportunity for American audiences to see Qin Hao and the rest of the cast.