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A little about Malcolm McDowell’s busy acting career


On February second in 1972, young Malcolm McDowell followed his cinematic debut with a role that he would be remembered by for the rest of his career. McDowell played the psychotic Alex in Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of A Clockwork Orange. The film, as well as Malcolm’s character, became cult classics. Since then, McDowell has followed up with an great variety of roles and performances. He's done it all, from video games (like Elder Scrolls online and Fallout 3), to television commercials (like his recent Lunchables campaign), to even voicing a number of characters for animations in television and film, not to mention all of his live action film and television roles.

As an actor, McDowell has played an array of differing personas. In his cinematic debut, If, McDowell plays a student that rebels against England’s oppressive school system. In Red Roses and Petrol (distributed by World Wide Motion Picture Corporation) McDowell plays the deceased Enda Doyle, an enigmatic father who left many problems for his dysfunctional family to deal with.

Malcolm McDowell has done so much in his career and, by looking at the list of film projects that are set to shoot, or have been completed, it seems that he's not going to slow down any time soon. Yamasong, an animated film in post-production, uses the voice of Malcolm McDowell, as well as other known actors like Whoopi Goldberg, George Takei, and Abigail Breslin. McDowell is also set to appear in The Mystery of Casa Matusita, a horror film currently in pre-production, in which he plays a writer who takes his wife to the famous haunted house in Lima, Peru. In Wizardream, a film completed and awaiting distribution, McDowell plays the protagonist (the wizard Mangodor) in a film that is reminiscent of 80’s fantasy films, which were devoid of computerized special effects. For television, McDowell continues to make appearances on shows like Trip Tank (in which he plays a priest) and the popular Amazon series Mozart in the Jungle. Evidently, McDowell is a busy actor whose talents have continued to grace various media formats since his cinematic debut.