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Malcolm McDowell lands a role in Rob Zombie horror movie project, 31


Malcolm McDowell, the star of Red Roses And Petrol, has announced that he will be working once again with mega rock star and feature horror film director, Rob Zombie
. The frighteningly epic slash fest has been titled, 31. McDowell has worked with Zombie in his remakes of the Halloween franchise, playing Dr. Sam Loomis. One amazing fact about this project is that it has completely been funded 100% by fans on his own website, via RZ-31.

Zombie’s idea behind the project is based around the fact that more people go missing on October 31st than any other day of the year. In the film, five unlucky candidates are kidnapped and taken to an ominous facility named "Murder World". Once taken captive, the prisoners have to fight for their lives against a murderous crew of psychotic killer clowns that call themselves "The Heads". McDowell will portray the role of Father Murder, owner of Murder World. Film production has began on this project, but there are no release dates as of yet.

Be sure to watch Malcolm McDowell in Red Roses And Petrol, a darkly-comedic drama film distributed by World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation. You can purchase it now on Vimeo and at

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Top 5 Irish-American Movies


It is March once again, and we are celebrating Irish-American films this month! The comedy drama Red Roses and Petrol, starring Malcolm McDowell, is packed full of Irish-American traditions and culture which the viewers can relate to, or identify with in their own families, while the upcoming The Secret Scripture, starring Eric Bana and Rooney Mara, will be bringing the thrilling novel to the big screen.

To further engulf ourselves in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, here is a hand-picked list of excellent Irish-American films that are timeless, captivating, and filled with the “luck of the Irish.”

Whether that means good or bad luck, it is for the audience to decide!

Be sure to watch "Red Roses and Petrol" this month on Vimeo, and other streaming movie websites.

Top 5 Favorite Irish-American Movies of all Time

Gangs of New York ( 2002 ) - Irish immigrants in 1860’s New York City, led by Liam Neeson and Leonardo DiCaprio, clash with the "native" New Yorkers, led by Daniel Day-Lewis in his brilliant performance as Bill "The Butcher,” and spill blood all over the ghettoes of the Five Points district in Martin Scorsese's post-9/11 tribute to New York City.

The Commitments (1991) - A couple of unemployed Dubliners form an off-beat soul band in filmmaker Alan Parker's 1991 favorite. Winner of the BAFTA for Best Picture in the year it was released, it has also been voted Best Irish Film of All-Time by Jameson Whiskey in 2005. The Commitments well deserves a spot on this list.

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