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Explore Your Roots on Ancestor Appreciation Day


Today, September 27, provides the perfect excuse to call your grandparents it is Ancestor Appreciation Day! This national holiday was founded to encourage folks to honor their heritage and learn more about their genealogy. Whether that means exploring your family tree on websites like, or sitting down with a relative and reminiscing over family stories, learning about your family’s history can help you feel more connected in a world where connectedness can be hard to come by.  

Take a look at the 2015 film, The Nightingale directed by Philippe Muyl. This dramatic tale set in rural China tells the story of an iPad addicted city girl, Ren Xing (Xin Yi Yang), who is placed in the care of her Grandfather Zhu Zhi Gen (Li Baotian). The duo sets out on a journey through the Chinese countryside in search of his former home in a remote village.

Initially, Ren Xing appears spoiled and aloof; only concerned with playing games on her devices and tormenting her grandfather. Ren goes through a transformation of sorts when her devices finally lose battery. She effectively “wakes up” and becomes aware and mindful of her immediate surroundings. This allows her relationship with her grandfather to evolve and deepen, and she begins to develop a genuine reverence for his life experience and the considerable wisdom he has to offer.

Sound familiar? With the ubiquity of technology and devices that constantly keep us “connected” to our friends, we run the risk of ignoring those who physically surround us. Let National Ancestor Appreciation Day inspire you to get back to your roots and focus on where you come from. Have a conversation with a parent, grandparent, or relative to learn a little bit more about your personal history. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.”

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The Nightingale coming soon to iTunes, DVDs, and more!


China’s selection for last year’s Academy Awards for best foreign language film, The Nightingale, is a heartwarming story set in China that follows a semi-estranged grandfather and spoiled granddaughter on a rough journey to the grandfather’s native village. Captivating cinematography by Sun Ming, showcases the beautiful landscapes within hidden villages in the unfamiliar rural parts of China. The Nightingale will soon be available on various platforms including DVD, VOD, Netflix, cruise lines, airlines, CD soundtrack, and more.

Directed by Philippe Muyl, and starring A-list actors Xiaoran Li and Han Qin, The Nightingale was inspired by Muyl’s highly successful French feature, The Butterfly, a visually translucent award-winning film about the heartwarming friendship between a wizened old man and an eight-year-old girl. In The Nightingale , protagonist Zhu Zhi Gen has made a promise to his late wife. To fulfill that promise, he’s preparing to return with her pet caged bird (the companion of her final years) to her native village and set it free. He’d planned to make the trip alone, but his granddaughter, Ren Xing, a little girl from Beijing, is forced to go with him when her parents’ marriage is in turmoil. During this journey to the outer reaches of traditional China and through magnificent Guang Xi landscapes, the duo that seemingly has nothing in common opens up to each other, sharing memories and adventures.

The New York Times stated that the film, “reminds us of what we are missing,” and the San Francisco Chronicle said, “Everything is top notch…[Baotian] Li’s quiet strength as the grandfather grounds the film in a gentle, simple and appealing way.”

Showcased at more than 30 film festivals around the world, The Nightingale has garnered awards from the River Run International Film Festival (USA) – Winner: Best French Film; the Zlin Film Festival (Czech Republic) – Winner: Best Film for Children; the Buster Film Festival (Denmark) – Winner: Best Feature; the Wine Country Film Festival (USA) – Winner: Best International Film; and the Minsk International Film Festival (Belarus) – Winner: Best Adult Performance in a Children’s Movie for [Lead Actor] Li Bao Tan.

The film will be available for purchase on iTunes starting February 26 and available for streaming on Netflix and presale will be on February 2nd. DVD purchase will start on April 6. Several of these platforms will include special features such as behind-the-scenes and making-of clips.