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Appreciation of Friends & Siblings on National Brother’s Day


Do you have a brother? Or are you, yourself, a brother? Well, today’s the day to treat your brother or get spoiled by a sibling because it’s National Brother’s Day! Don’t have a brother? Why not take a friend out that you see as a brother? Brotherhood goes beyond just being siblings or sharing a parent or parents. No, brotherhood extends to those you consider close to you, the guys that support you even through your dumbest ideas. Brotherhood is about being there for one another through thick and thin and showing that you care.

Sam (Robbie Kay) and Felix (Alex Etel) have a bond that goes deeper than anything than they had in the film Ways to Live Forever, where the two saw each other beyond their illnesses. They saw each other as friends - even best friends - to the point where they were brothers to one another. Sam and Felix found brotherhood through their illnesses and together they tackled on a to-do list before death. That kind of bond is rare to come by. So today on National Brother’s Day, celebrate your own bond with your brother, whether they are related to you or not, and show them that you appreciate them!