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7 Ways To Stop Stress on Stress Awareness Day


You didn’t study for your exam. You’re running late to work. You forgot your kid's homework packet at home. Can you feel your blood pressure rising? Stress. That’s what that is, and even the best of us occasionally find ourselves getting caught up in the hurried nature of life.

In the film Ways to Live Forever, both of the parents struggle through their son’s cancer treatment which is taxing, both emotionally and financially. The stress that a family goes through when someone is terminally ill is unbelievable, and it’s why in the film the surrounding nurses, friends  and, church are crucial players for the parents.

Sadly, stress isn’t just something that exists in the cinematic realm, so here’s a list of seven ways to feel less stressed on Stress Awareness Day which is November 2nd. Ready, set, go!

WHI Epsom SE August 2009 Credit Paul Glendell  Natural England
WHI Epsom SE August 2009
Credit Paul Glendell Natural England
  1. Go For A Ten Minute Walk
    It might seem a little too simple, but a walk is an easy way to boost endorphins, which in turn reduces stress hormones, and helps you stay healthy. Walking not only can get you some fresh air but, if outside can help you retain “involuntary attention,” which more or less means that something can hold your attention while allowing you to reflect. In fact, although it might seem counter-intuitive, walking increases energy and decreases fatigue, especially among people who lead a largely sedentary lifestyle. If you’re getting tired of sitting in your office chair, go for a walk!
  2. Grab A Bite
    Yes, we are telling you to eat food! Referred to by doctors as the gut-brain axis, food and nourishment is incredibly important to your overall mental health. Plus, stress is an immune system related ailment, and the stomach is the largest organ in the immune system. Grab a handful of nuts, half of a chocolate bar, some berries, anything really that is high in nutrients and low in processed sugar.plant
  3. Pick A Plant
    Maybe even name it something cute like Herbert. Whatever you choose to do, definitely invest in one for your work space and living arrangements, because plants really help detoxify the air around you. Just being around plants can induce a more relaxed state as well.                                                                                                                                                                     hobby
  4. Try A New Hobby
    Have you always wanted to knit, paint, or sew? Now is your chance to utilize a little bit of each day to work on a hobby, preferably one that is small enough to carry with you, and use your hands for fifteen minutes instead of your brain. Try pottery or learn a few calming yoga positions, anything that will successfully take your mind off of the immediate stresses of your daily life. The repetitive action can become an almost meditative practice.                                                                    message
  5. Give Yourself A Scalp Massage
    This one is pretty self-explanatory. Why you ask? Well first off, it mimics that amazing  feeling of relaxation you get when they shampoo your hair at the hair salon. Secondly, it releases oils in your hair that will condition the scalp making your hair look great. You will not only feel, but also LOOK better. What more could you want?                                                       turn-off-that-phone
  6. Turn Off That Phone
    First off, some of the stress might be coming from the messages you’re getting on that phone, but there are a few other reasons as well. Using any type of screen for long periods of time without a break has been linked to increased stress, so try taking a short break, and maybe try any of the above tips. Most notably, the screen use is linked to stress, especially when it is used late at night or right before bed. So make sure to turn the screen off an hour before you sleep.                            laugh
  7. Laugh
    Laughter releases endorphins, just like a walk, and also decreases cortisol levels as well as other stress levels. It also tricks your nervous system into thinking you’re happy. Better yet, don’t trick your body into laughing, go hang out with a friend, watch a movie, play with a dog and laugh for real. We, of course, would recommend a funny movie check out our page, like The Nightingale for a fun, family film. You’re welcome.

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