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Paprika Steen’s 53rd Happy Birthday


53 years ago today a star was born in the great Paprika Steen -- famously known for her role in the 2009 hit drama, Applause. Paprika Steen was born in the beautiful city of Frederiksberg, Denmark, just a few miles away from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Starting at a very young age, Paprika showed interest in acting. And how could she not show such interest, considering that her mother, Avil Sagild, was a famous actress herself? Let’s also not forget about her father, who is a famous musician and conductor to this day. It’s easy to see that, growing up, Paprika’s family had a lot of influence over her decision to become an actress and eventually a director.

Because of her parent’s stardom, many might think that her path to becoming an actress was a walk in the park, but in reality, it was much harder than that. When Paprika turned 24 she was finally accepted to the acting school of her dreams -- the acting school of Odense. We say “finally” because it turns out she had to apply thirteen times before being accepted. Paprika’s family name alone was not enough to get her into the acting school of her dreams, so she had to do what most successful people do, and that is to work hard.  

All of the hard work and constant determination that Paprika has shown in her life has led her to become one of the greatest Danish actresses of all time. Paprika has been able to display her talent in great films such as Festen, Open Hearts, Silent Heart, and our very own Applause. That being said, let's take a brief moment to applaud and wish the great Paprika Steen a very Happy Birthday and a joyful fifty-third!