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Happy Birthday, Dean Stockwell!


World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation would like to wish Dean Stockwell a Happy 81st Birthday! He is truly one of Hollywood’s very own as he was born in North Hollywood, California. Dean is an American actor of film and television who started at a young age and has a career spanning over 70 years.

He is one of the few people left that were alive and acting during Hollywood’s golden age. Following the success of Quantum Leap (1989), he received his very own star on the Hollywood walk of fame on February 29th, 1992. Today we acknowledge one of Hollywood’s classic and iconic actors who has been in the business for a very long while.

I started at a very early age in this business and I'm sure most of you have read stories about people who have started as children and ended up in very difficult lives and bad consequences. It's not the easiest life in the world, but then no life is easy,” says Dean. We are overjoyed to see you 81 years strong. Congratulations again Mr. Dean Stockwell. Have yourself a piece of cake.

Dean stockwell


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A Great “Happy Birthday” to Greta Scacchi!


February 18th is not only Thumbs Appreciation day but, is also the birthday of Italian-Australian actor Greta Scacchi! An actress that has accumulated awards throughout her acting career, she has thoroughly demonstrated her strong skills and talent. In 1996, she won an Emmy Award for her work as Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna of Russia in the television film, Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny (1996) and has also been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards and Golden Globes throughout the years.

Not only is Greta Scacchi a great actress but she is also a passionate humanitarian. Scacchi is an active supporter of campaigns and organizations that promote environmental causes. For instance, she has supported organizations such as Greenpeace and Christian Aid in their combat for climate change awareness. In 2007, as a spokesperson for Christian Aid, she spoke from the stage at the Cut the Carbon rally in Cardiff, Wales and in 2009, she met NASA’s James Hansen and Bishop of Liverpool to protest about the advance of E.ON’s plans for coal-fueled power stations. Not only that but, in the same year, 2009, she posed nude with a codfish to promote the documentary End of the Line (2009), a film exposing the effects of overfishing.

In one of her more recent films, Ways to Live Forever (2010) that was distributed by World Wide Motion Pictures (WWMPC), she combines both her acting talents and passion as a humanitarian in her role as the main character’s tutor, Mrs. Willis. In this film, she inspires Sam, the main character who is a 12-year-old boy dying from leukemia, to live his life to the best extent possible. It is a poignant and uplifting film that reminds us all to not fear the uncertainties of life, but rather embrace it. As a way to celebrate Greta Scacchi’s birthday, feel free to check out the film Ways to Live Forever (2010)!

Greta S

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Resident Evil to Spreading Good: Johann Urb


When he’s not too busy being the rugged, handsome Leon Kennedy from “Resident Evil: Retribution,” or guest starring on NCIS, Johann Urb is busy trying to spread good vibes and good looks.

Let’s just say I’m working on getting out a positive and inspiring message about how to live life,” Urb said in an interview with Daman.

And Urb puts his money where his mouth is too. He volunteers with The Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition (GWHFC) an amazing organization that has served food to the homeless every single day, since 1987. Not only do they meet people’s immediate needs, but GWHFC also tries to get people into housing and provides mobile health care.

He also has tried to spread positivity through his Instagram, which features his philanthropy and volunteering efforts, as well as some fun adventures he has out in nature!

The Estonian-American actor art in his genes, the son of a musician, and he started off his career as a model in New York, before eventually studying theater at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

He has also starred in many TV shows and movies, including World Wide Motion Pictures’ Rusty Steel, alongside Paul Campbell and Dean Stockwell in this riveting adventure, which is set in Romania on their deceased uncle’s yacht. Some of Johann Urb’s other notable movie and TV appearances include CSI: Miami, NCIS, and Zoolander.

Johann with scuba tank

Happy 40th Birthday to Johann Urb!

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Happy Birthday, Joan Baez – a musician, activist and inspiration for a generation


World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation would like to proudly wish Joan Baez a Happy 76th Birthday. Her strong charisma has led her to be a strong activist in many areas of conflict around the world. Aside from being an activist, she uses her music to inspire peace and understanding wherever she goes.

If we can learn anything from Joan Baez it is that we should be able to help and stand up for people by supporting great and charitable causes. “What’s had meaning in my life is what I have done out in the world for other people, way more than the music, and way more than the money,” says Baez in an interview in the documentary film Welcome to Eden. World Wide recognizes her today for her ceaseless efforts in preserving the small farm which had been located in the heart of South Central Los Angeles. Congratulations once again on another year, Joan Baez. World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation wishes you the best in your future endeavors that are to come.  


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Actors Who Share the Same Birthday and Work Together


In celebration of our actors Emilia Clarke and Ben Chaplin, stars in our film Ways to Live Forever, birthday’s we decided to research celebrities who have collaborated with one another and also have the same birth-date.

  • Orange is the New Black: It’s bacckkk and it’s badder than ever. Season 4 of Orange is the New Black has just been released and we are super excited. This season has been one of most enthralling, saddest seasons of the series and viewer are anxious to see what happens next in series. We wonder if the creators will bring back  Lorraine Toussaint who plays villain “Vee Parker” from season 2. We are also curious about the fate of regular Natasha Lyonne who plays lovable drug addict “Nicky Nichols”. We can’t tell you what happens next but we can tell you that both actresses share the  same birthday of April 4th. We’re sure both birthdays breed room for a nice prison frenemy party, shives included.
  • Harry Potter: Even though the original Harry Potter movie series has ended, and a new one is beginning, we are still happy to mention the cast of Harry Potter not only had actors who shared the same birthday but also the same name. Actresses Emma Watson who played brainiac “Hermione Granger” and Emma Thompson who played “Professor Sybill Trelawney” both shared the same birthday of April 15th in addition to having the same name as well. While we know Watson's role in the Rowling's series has ended we are curious to see if there will be any familiar faces in the new series such as Thompson.
  • The Big Bang Theory: The show The Big Bang Theory is known for its wit, and being one of the few shows that feature geeky main characters in a positive light. Perhaps the biggest overlaps is the birthdays of main characters Johnny Galecki who plays “Leonard Hofstadter” and Kunal Nayyar who plays “Rajesh Koothrappali”. Both men were born on April 30th with a six year separation between the two. Maybe the cast celebrates with  dairy-free, cinnamon favored cakes in honor of the two cast members.
  • Superbad: The movie Superbad is one of the funniest movies ever debuted in the U.S.. It features famous comedy actors Michael Sera, Jonah Hill, and “Christopher Mintz-Plasse” as high school seniors who quest to drink alcohol and pick up girls to before high school ends. Something highly coincidental about the movie is Michael Sera who plays “Evan”  and Bill Hader who plays “Officer Slater”  share the same birthday of June 7th. We’re pretty sure that if the cast celebrated their birthdays together no fake Ids were need. Sidenote: Shout out to Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Dave Franco who were both in the movie and both born in June as well.
  • What I Like About You: The show What I Like About You features sisters “Holly” and “Valerie Tyler” played by Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth. Bynes and Garth not only shared a set and a fictional sisterhood, they also share a birthday. Both actresses were born on April 3rd. This must have made for a bunch of fun, quirky birthday parties on set. Unfortunately, What I Like About You ended in 2006 and both actresses have moved on but there are still reruns and memories for the fans to live off of.
  • Old Dogs: Old Dogs is a movie starring John Travolta and the late Robin Williams who play marketing executives who have to balance the success of their company and their children. The movie is a comedy, showing of Williams and Travolta’s comedy skills and end on a good note. Interestingly enough, supporting actor Matt Dillon and main actor John Travolta, who were both popular actors in the 80’s but managed to not work together until the mid 2000s, both share the same birthday of February 18th.
  • The Aviator: The movie The Aviator follows the life of pilot, “Howard Hughes”, played by Leonardo Dicaprio, his ambitions, his obsession with Aviation, his paranoia, and his mental breakdown. This movie is considered poignant and is one of Dicaprio’s best movies. Supporting actors Alec Baldwin who plays Juan Trippe and funnyman turned drama actor Adam Scott plays “Johnny Meyer. Both actors not only share the spotlight in the movie they also celebrate the same birthday of April 3rd as well.
  • The Godfather: The original Godfather movie is described as one of best films in America’s film history. The movie centers around an a crime family, violence, and the feud between five crime families. Unsurprisingly, the movie is a bloody one ending in the death of most of its characters. However, we were surprised to find Diane Keaton who plays “Kay Adams- Corleone” and Robert Duvall who plays “Tom Hagen” both share the same birthday January 5th.  Perhaps they offer parties their guests can’t refuse.
  • Ways to Live Forever: The movie Ways to Live Forever centers around the story of a young boy who has to come to grips with his mortality as he begins losing  his battle with cancer. It star British actors Robbie Kay, Ben Chaplin, and  Emilia Fox. Both Chaplin and Fox were born on July 31st with a five years difference between the two. All the actors have since moved on from the set with main character Robbie Kay starring as Peter Pan in the hit show Once Upon a Time, Ella Purnell starring in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Ben Chaplin was in Cinderella, and Emilia Fox appearing in films and television shows.
  • 20,000 years in Sing Sing: 20,000 years in Sing Sing follows the story of a criminal who gets sent to jail for assault and battery. While there his girlfriend visits him in jail but stops coming when she was in a near fatal accident. The main character goes on furlough in order to take care of his girlfriend but ends up killing someone. He goes to jail and is sent to death row for his crimes. The movie stars old Hollywood actors Spencer Tracey and Bette Davis who both share the same birthdate of April 5th. Unsurprisingly, all both actors have appeared in movies  and other projects with one another so we’re sure they celebrated their birthdays together at least once.