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Drink Beer Day 9/30


Beer - one of the world’s oldest and most widely-consumed beverages. From beer halls in Germany to U.S. college bars, it is one of the most popular beverages of all time. Though its popularity, it has become a part of the culture of many nations. With celebrations such as beer festivals, anniversaries of breweries, and games including this drink, it has become an important part of society. Today is Drink Beer Day and was commemorated to celebrate drinking beer and the wonderful variety of this delicious drink. Throughout time, it has evolved and people have been able to create hundreds of flavors of beers. There are also many different types of beer depending on how it is fermented the different ingredients involved. The many types of beer include:


  • Pale Ale: Predominantly comprised of pale malt and uses a top-fermenting yeast.
  • Stout/Porter: Darker beer using roast barley or roasted malts. They usually have slow fermenting yeast when brewed. Included in this category are sub-varieties such as dry stout, imperial stout, and Baltic porter.
  • Mild Ale: Made predominantly with a malty palate, it has an abv of 3%-3.6%.
  • Wheat Beer: Contains a significant amount of malted barley but is brewed with a large proportion of wheat.
  • Lambic: Naturally fermented using wild yeasts, rather than cultivated.
  • Lager: Cool fermented beer using a cool bottom-fermenting yeast.

Aside from celebrating with the use of this alcoholic beverage, alcohol can also be used as a toast of commemoration or remembrance, as seen in this scene of the film Red Roses and Petrol.  The film is available on DVD and digital download courtesy of World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation.

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Drink Beer Day – September 28th


Pour a glass of your favorite ale or lager and give a toast to one of the oldest drinks in human history! Each year on September 28th, people around the nation celebrate the beverage.

Here are 10 fun facts about beer for you to enjoy:

  • Historians believe that nomads may have made beer from grain & water before learning to make bread. Beer was a vital part of civilization and the Babylonian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Hebrew, Chinese, and Inca cultures.

  • Babylonians produced beer in large quantities with around 20 varieties. Often, workers were paid in beer as it was a highly valued commodity.
  • Egyptians brewed beer commercially for use by royalty, medical purposes, and as a necessity to be included in burial provisions for the afterlife. It was also discovered that workers were given four liters of beer a day…while building the pyramids!
  • The world´s strongest beer is “Brewmeister Snake Venom“. While regular a beer usually has about 5% ABV, this Scottish killer has a stomach-burning 67.5% ABV!

  • American president George Washington had his own brewhouse on the grounds of Mount Vernon.
  • The world´s most expensive beer is “Belgian Vielle Bon Secours”. One bottle costs around 1000 American dollars.
  • Beer strengthens bones. It is rich in silicon that increases calcium deposits and minerals for bone tissue.

  • Beer prevents kidney stones. A study published in American Journal of Epidemiology estimated that a bottle of beer consumed every day reduces the risk by 40%.
  • Nowadays, there are about 400 types of beer in the world. Belgium is the country that has the most individual beer brands.
  • Ancient Babylonians were so serious about brewing beer that if anyone brewed a bad batch, they would drown him in it as a punishment.

So have a cold one, and remember also drink responsibly!