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Strike Some Gold this St. Patrick’s Day!


Whether you have Irish roots or just love digging into that corned beef and cabbage while sipping your green beer, St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday celebrated by many.

Aside from the delicious meals and Irish music, spending time with your loved ones and enjoying the day is what makes it special. So bring out those chocolate coin bags and enjoy watching some wonderful films after your feast!

Ways to Live Forever tells a heart-warming story about a young boy named Sam (Robbie Kay) who suffers from leukemia and is eager to find quality to his life before his time is gone. He begins a journey with his best friend Felix, going down the list of things they would like to do someday and challenging the odds by making them happen.

This uplifting tale will touch your soul with Sam’s honesty and sincerity that will surely keep him in your heart forever.

The Irish have always celebrated family by honoring them through the holidays. Though families may celebrate in different ways, the greatest bond you can create with one another is by simply accepting each other’s differences.

In Red Roses and Petrol, we take a look at the secrets, betrayal, and love amongst a dysfunctional middle class Irish family. Following the death of Enda Doyle, played by Malcolm McDowell, his wife Moya (Olivia Tracey) discovers the truth and love left by her husband. It's a family's journey filled with sharp humor and strong emotions.

This comedy-drama is filled with Irish-American traditions and culture that many families can relate to during this month’s celebration.

If you’re feeling extra lucky this St. Patrick’s Day, then you are right!

The Ways to Live Forever original movie soundtrack featuring Sam’s Theme, produced by Cesar Benito is on sale on iTunes for only $5.99 for a limited time!

Also, you can now get the Red Roses and Petrol soundtrack album on iTunes featuring original covers by the Bangle’s very own Susanna Hoffs and popular Irish American band Flogging Molly, for the same low price of $5.99!

And if you thought you already dug up some gold with those deals, World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation is giving 20% off Red Roses and Petrol with coupon code: STPATTY20 in honor of the New Year and St. Patrick’s Day!

Put on some green and don’t forget to take advantage of these deals before the leprechaun comes around to pinch you!