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Rusty Steel – Johan Urb, Paul Campbell


Rusty steel未命名_meitu_2

Two Americans brothers, Rusty and Mike, travel to Romania after Rusty inherits their recently deceased uncle’s yacht. Once there, they find out their yacht wasn’t what they expected but instead is just a rusty old fishing boat. While performing maintenance on the ship to salvage their trip, they discover their uncle’s old diary mentioning the loss of his boat, “Chancellor”. Upon further investigation, they find out that the Chancellor is a sunken German war ship that carried millions in Nazi Gold. Together with Gabby, their translator turned friend, they race against time to find their uncle’s lost treasure before it reaches the wrong hands. What they didn't know was that Gabby’s Uncle Hunts (played by Dean Stockwell) had more involvement in searching for the treasure than they could have imagined.

Starring: Johan Urb, Paul Campbell, Dean Stockwell

Directed By: Ion Ionescu

Written By: Ion Ionescu

Genre: Action

Run Time: 90 minutes


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