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Pop Kowboy – Shawn Driscoll, Craig Olsen, Ronnie Marmo


Pop Kowboy


Pop Kowboy follows the lives of three people: Frankie, a transgender woman in need of money; Vinnie, an incompetent aspiring gangster who is given one last chance to make good with the local mob boss; and Pony, a wannabe cowboy who has trouble with love. Frankie is broke, evicted from his apartment, and unable to afford the sex change operation that he desires. He decides to deliver a briefcase for quick money, not realizing it’s full of illegal drugs. Pony falls for Frankie, not realizing he was born a man, and botches the briefcase delivery with Vinnie and the two end up on the run. Along the way, they realize they’re not just pretending to be someone they’re not - their identities are what make them unique. Pop Kowboy is a comedy that reveals that life is more than who you are; it's also about what you can become.

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Starring Shawn Driscoll (Thirteen Days, Red State, America’s Sweethearts), Ronnie Marmo (GENERAL HOSPITAL), Craig Olsen, and Ron Hunter (Van Wilder, Along Came Polly).

Starring: Shawn Driscoll, Craig Olsen, Ronnie Marmo, Ron Hunter

Directed and Written By: Gabrielle Sebastian

Genre: Comedy

Run Time: 101 minutes

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4 thoughts on “Pop Kowboy – Shawn Driscoll, Craig Olsen, Ronnie Marmo

  1. This movie is a bit slow in the beginning, but worth watching. It has some very touching and exciting scenes. I love the main character even with all their faults.

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