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So what is Parent’s Day anyways?


            Even if you aren’t a holiday junkie like I am, you should at least know about the upcoming national holiday that is Parent’s Day. Held annually on the fourth Sunday of July, Parent’s Day is a day that celebrates the responsibilities of parents and all that they’ve done for their children. On this day, children make the effort of showing how thankful they are to their parents, who shaped them into the people that they are today. Parents not only bring us into the world but also guide our paths until one of us leaves first. The role of parents is to positively shape us into better human beings, and having a day dedicated to their efforts is just a tiny fraction to show how much we appreciate them. Plus, it’s a great reason to spend time with your folks.

        Parent’s Day was started in 1994 by the Bill Clinton administration. President Clinton realized that although there were specific holidays for fathers and mothers, there wasn’t a day that celebrates the efforts of both the parents together. Parent’s Day recognizes the important role of responsible parenting of both parents in the everyday family life for their children. According to the Congressional Resolution, Parent’s Day is established for “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.” And it isn’t only native to the United States alone. Countries like South Korea and Vietnam have their own separate date for Parent’s Day as well, and they take it very seriously. The United Nations designated June 1st to be the Global Day of Parents, which honors parents throughout the world. So the fact that we have our own separate day in America means that this is a pretty big deal.