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New X-Men Film LOGAN – the End of the Line for Wolverine


20th Century Fox’s Logan released in theaters Friday, March 3rd, and we are excited for the epic finale of the Wolverine saga. Although the solo Wolverine series is coming to a close, Logan still packs a punch with more grit, claws, and vulgar attitude. As the first X-Men movie with an R-Rating, Logan creates the true iteration of Wolverine. Fans of the comics know how dark the characters were, and the movie shines light of their essence. With many insights from the comics’ storyline, Logan rests in the hearts of its hardcore fanbase.


Compared to previous X-Men and Wolverine movies with forced storylines and quirky characters, Logan feels matured. The construct of life and empathy are at the forefront of the movie’s complexity. The entire world is not at the knees of a supervillain, but of a man who must choose the difference between what is right and wrong. Logan overflows with intimacy and sympathy for each character.

Wolverine 2

Logan, by any means, is not a pity party. It is the most violent X-Men movie ever to be released. With visible blood and gore, fight scenes electrify the screen with satisfying choreography and feeling. Unlike previous X-Men movies, Logan is not for child-friendly audiences. Logan barks in your face with brash humor and grade-A action. As fans, we will miss Hugh Jackman’s performance of Wolverine, but also realize that performances must come to an end.  Logan is a beautiful send-off to an underrated hero.