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National Eat Your Vegetables Day


Instead of driving through In-N-Out and grabbing a delicious hamburger, eat your vegetables and while you’re at it celebrate National Eat Your Vegetables Day on June 17th! This is an annual holiday the United States celebrates in hopes to eat healthier as a nation and combat the increasingly number of obese children and adults in the nation. The entire month of June celebrates fruits and vegetables, although it is a stark contrast to last week’s National Donut Day which reportedly brought in 10 million dollars for Krispy Kreme. Michelle Obama has been a proud partner with Play 60 in an effort to focus on eating healthy and exercising at least 60 minutes a day for kids and adults. Ever since she has been first lady she has promoted her Let’s Move campaign designed to make America a healthier place.

The movie The Lovely Patient which was written and directed by Sylvester K. Folks is a story about a young teen trying to take care of his cancer-struck mother. Now although cancer is the worst possible of health concerns, doctors say that eating at least three servings of vegetables a day greatly decreases one’s chance of getting cancer. This year’s veggie platter of the year is a Mediterranean dish that has vegetables, a variety of cheeses and Herb Greek yogurt mix.

If anything use National Eat Your Vegetables day to strive for a better lifestyle of both eating and exercising. The link to The Lovely Patient is available right here and don’t forget the date, June 17th 2015!