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National Cancer Survivor Day


National Cancer Survivor Day is a celebration that honors those who survived all forms of cancer. It is held every year on June 7th and considered to be one of the largest cancer celebrations here in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, there are over 13 million cancer survivors alive in the US today, and that number will grow to almost 18 million by 2022. With amazing turnarounds, there are great opportunities for people to connect with each other about their struggles and bring inspiration on Cancer Survivor Day.

There are many inspirational short stories and films that talks about cancer survivors. In the book What Helped Me Get Through, a color cancer survivor, Suzanne, says hope is one of the reasons why she’s still living today.

“There is always hope, and that hope is sometimes changing.  It means something different for each person in any given situation.  When one doctor tells you there is nothing more that can be done, he is merely saying that he has exhausted his expertise.  The next oncologist may have more up his sleeve.  Hope may come in the second, third, or fourth opinion, or totally evolve into a different form."

In the film, The Lovely Patient, one part of the film concentrates on a man who deals with male breast cancer and is in desperate need in finding a way to his daughter’s wedding. This goes to show that this illness is often overlooked, and by bringing awareness to such such event as National Cancer Survivor Day, people have a greater appreciation for raising issues about cancer.

It’s a never ending battle and it’s unpredictable for these survivors. There are many ways of living a healthier lifestyle after treatment. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables and limiting red meat and processed foods can help prevent cancer from coming back. Another part is to get regular screenings to detect early cancer and to get it treated immediately. Exercising is an alternative way for survivors to continue to be healthy.

Remember to save this day on your calendar to celebrate this inspiring event. Also, be sure to check the book (What Helped Me Get Through) and purchase the film here.