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The Mill on the Floss – Geraldine Fitzgerald


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Set in early 19th century, this classic film tells the tale of a rivalry between two Lincolnshire families when mill owner Mr. Tulliver (Sam Livesey) refuses to relinquish his water rights to Mr. Wakem (Felix Aylmer). Caught in the legal crossfire is Maggie (Geraldine Fitzgerald), Mr. Tulliver’s daughter who becomes infatuated with Mr. Wakem’s good-hearted son, Phillip (Frank Lawton) and whose good name becomes smeared by scandal.

Starring: Geraldine Fitzgerald and James Mason

Directed By: Tim Whelan

Written By: John Drinkwater, George Eliot, Austin Melford, Garnet Weston, Tim Whelan

Genre: Drama

Run Time: 77 minutes


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