The Lovely Patient – Joseph L. Glenn, John Collier




The Lovely Patient follows the lives of two people: Leonard Marshall, a teenage boy in need of a stable job to support his ill mother, and Frank Hartsfield, a man battling breast cancer desperately searching for a way to attend his daughter's wedding. When Leonard Marshall is fired from his job for repeat tardiness, he finds a new job after responding to an advertisement. He is hired as Frank's new driver. Together, they face hurdles life throws at them and discover the importance of forgiveness and love.

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Starring: Joseph L. Glenn, John Collier, Dafydd Taffy, Michelle Mclemore, Jimmie Anne Campbell, Brittany Carden, A.J. Sexton, Shannon Kraiger, Kim Priolo

Directed By: Sylvester K. Folks

Written By: Sylvester K. Folks

Genre: Drama

Run Time: 99 minutes

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