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Happy Mother’s Day 2015


Happy Mother's Day. Here’s to all the Mothers who deserve an incredible amount of recognition and praise for their hard work in supporting, providing, and loving their family members. Mother’s Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate their living existence, especially for daughters who look up to them. They shape who we are as a person. In honor of this Mother’s Day, here are a great list of activities that mothers and daughters can bond over with.

  1. Being Pampered. Take your Mother out for a spa day. She deserves it. Here’s a spa located in Ojai that will truly make it magical. It’s called Ojai Valley Inn & Spa; rating is 5 stars and service is wonderful. The resort features an award-winning on-site spa and golf course.
  1. Watching A Movie.  This is great bonding moment for moms and daughters. A movie can make you laugh, smile, or cry. A great movie to watch is The Blind Side. What better way to see Sandra Bullock, America’s sweetheart, as a loving mother who fosters a boy that becomes a pro football player. Another great film to watch this Mother’s Day is Amy. Amy stars Rachel Griffiths as Amy’s mother, Tanya, and Alana De Roma as Amy. It tells the tale of a girl who is having trouble communicating after her father’s death and the only way to communicate is through singing. Her mother believes if people listen to Amy closely, beautiful things will happen.
  1. Having Brunch. The perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day is by taking your Mother out to brunch. People enjoy themselves more when they’re surrounded by great food and company. One great brunch place is The Cottage in La Jolla, California. Located on the corner of Fay Ave in the downtown area of La Jolla. Their French toast is delicious with generous amount of powder sugar, strawberries and syrup.
  1. Painting. Wine and Canvas is a studio where you can enjoy a variety of wine selections while painting, Wine and Canvas offers new paintings every day for customers to choose from and paint. There is an instructor who will guide the class. By the end of the night, both moms and daughters will have gotten in touch with their artistic side.
  1. Personalized Mugs. Creating a personalized mug may be the best thing to give to your Mother. She will cherish it and enjoy drinking her favorite tea and coffee from it. Here’s a great mug from Amazon if you’re having trouble with the personalization aspect.

Take this opportunity to show Mother’s out there they are loved. Everyday should be a special day for mothers and they should always be recognized for their hard work and the many sacrifices they make.

In addition, Amy is available on DVD and Vimeo and distributed by World Wide Motion Pictures. Be sure to check all the activities and mark it off your check list.