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Happy Holidays


The holiday season is upon us, and finding something for the children and extended relatives to do, while cooking leftovers, can be difficult. Fans of World Wide Motion Pictures may think that we have little in the way of holiday feature films, but a number of other titles in the library are worth checking out. Red Roses, and Petrol and Ways to Live Forever are very entertaining films with holiday themes like love, family, and food. Also, a number of our favorite actors and actresses are in classic holiday films, including Paul Campbell, Dean Stockwell from Rusty Steel, Natalia Tena from Ways to Live Forever, and many more.

These talented actors transform themselves for each role, whether a vocal, mental, or physical change. You’d never know that Paul Campbell’s, whiny and mischief-prone, character in Rusty Steel would lead him to become the kind, competitive and attractive leading man in the film Window Wonderland. This light-hearted, and romantic film is about Jack, played by Paul Campbell, and Sloan, played by Chyler Leigh, where they struggle to get the same department store window designer job. To resolve the conflict, they decide to have a competition where they each of design a holiday window display and see who gets more attention from the customers. In the end, they get each other’s attention instead, and fall in love.

If you don’t have the ninety minutes to spend on watching a full film, then watch a holiday episode of your favorite TV show. Dean Stockwell makes a cameo appearance in a holiday episode called “T’was the fight before Christmas,” of the 1970’s TV series McCloud. This crime series concerned a cowboy sheriff (Dennis Weaver), who becomes a New York Police officer and excels at getting justice for criminals. In Season 7’s Christmas episode, he prevents a woman from committing suicide and saves Santa from a hostage situation at a children's hospital.

If you can believe it, Willie Nelson is also in the holiday film Angels Sing. This film focuses on Michael, played by Harry Connick Jr. from Law & Order: SVU, who has lost the joy of the holiday season. When his son faces a similar tragedy, Michael must find the courage to rekindle his lost happiness and holiday spirit. If these don’t appeal, then watch all eight Harry Potter movies and spot World Wide’s favorite character Natalia Tena, who plays Nymphadora Tonks, a witch who can change her appearance.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and see you in the New Year!!