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Greetings Earthlings! July 20th is Space Exploration Day


Have you ever wanted to witness an alien encounter? Or maybe see an asteroid explode into another comet? Today we wonder about the vast complexities of outerspace, and continue to search for various other life forms similar to our own. Space Exploration Day is the day we decide to build our own rocketship and see the stars for ourselves. Millions of different photographs NASA releases for us to gaze at will never recreate the sensation of floating aimlessly in a space shuttle with no gravity to hold anything back.

It seems that the more information our civilization finds out about space, the less we seemingly know about. Will we ever find out how green are the alien life form’s skin compared to what we had first thought, if they even have skin at all? Will we ever find the beginning, middle, or the end of the universe? Is our physical existence expanding, or contracting? So many questions are left to be answered, which makes space exploration more exciting than ever.

Robbie Kay’s character in the film “Ways to Live Forever” had a fascination with traveling to outer space. Everyone has thought about it at least once in their lives. This could be the day you actually sneak onto a NASA space shuttle and explore the next frontier for yourself!