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Classic Car (Collector’s Set)


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An automobile series for the enthusiast and the casual viewer.  This series mixes new and historic footage of classic automobile racing with interviews of car owners, car restorers and famous drivers, demonstrating the impact of the automobile all over the world.

Genre: TV Series

Run Time: 13 Episodes, 30 Minutes Each

Episode List:

Episode 1 - The Corvette Killer: The Ford Cobra, America's Premier Muscle Car

Episode 2 - Really, Mr. Bond!: The Astin Martin

Episode 3 - The Car that Says You've Really Made It: Rolls Royce

Episode 4 - Mr. Daimler's Great Idea: Mercedez Benz

Episode 5 - Honestly! It's Not Just a Fast Volkswagon: Porsche

Episode 6 - The Epitome of Style and Speed: Ferrari

Episode 7 - Route 66 and the American Dream: Corvette

Episode 8 - Italy's Other Great Car: Alfa Romeo

Episode 9 - Built for Racing: Lotus

Episode 10 - The Definition of Classic: Jaguar

Episode 11 - Not Even on the Autobahn: The Open Wheeled Racing Cars

Episode 12 - The Mighty Midget From Morris' Garage: MG's and Morris Minors

Episode 13 - Built With Love: Small Production Street and Racing Machines


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