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Best movies for Father’s Day 2017


“A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” - a quote Zeus once told his son, Hercules, in the Walt Disney film Hercules. Fathers play a very vital role in many motion pictures, and an even more important role in the lives of real, everyday people. Dads across the globe should always be appreciated for what they do for their families, and that dedicated day is coming up where it’s our job to make dad’s day even a little more special. The love between a father and his child is, arguably, one of the strongest things in the world. Despite all the shark attacks, obstacles, and hopelessness, do you think Marlin would have ever found Nemo if he hadn’t loved his son as much as he had? This binding love is what drives fathers across the world to do what they do. Despite losing his job and being evicted, Chris Gardner (actor Will Smith) was motivated to never give up in hopes of giving his son a better life in The Pursuit of Happiness. That fatherly love one has for his child is what helps him push through any and all hardships he may face in a day.


Many of us have no desire to have children. Does that mean I’m missing out on this “binding love?” Sonny Koufax (actor Adam Sandler) was a thirty-two-year-old immature slacker who’s biggest fear, was the mere thought of responsibility. After Sonny’s girlfriend dumps him, actor Adam Sandler has the brilliant idea of adopting a five-year-old child (actor Dylan Sprouse, actor Cole Sprouse) in hopes of proving his maturity to his girlfriend. Things don’t go the way Sonny had planned and finds himself stuck with the kid until an adopting parent decides to claim him. As time passes, actor Adam Sandler finds himself falling in love with the five-year-old child, loving him as if it were his own offspring. The love of a father is as beautiful as it is spontaneous. Many that have once said no to kids, will find themselves becoming parents in the future and realize bearing a child was one of the best things to have ever happened to them.

Big Daddy

Another important character in Big Daddy was the Delivery Guy (actor Rob Schneider), who helped Sonny realize that the five-year-old kid was making him his happiest he had ever been. Along with his many portrayals of unique characters, Ula in 50 First Dates; Ernesto in You May Not Kiss the Bride, offscreen actor Rob Schneider is the father of two beautiful daughters (Elle King, Miranda Scarlett Schneider). So be sure to reciprocate that fatherly love 100 times and give Pops a big hug this Sunday!

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Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3 Comes to Theaters


Lightning McQueen and friends will be racing back into theaters today in the third and final installment of the Disney/Pixar Cars franchise, Cars 3. Fans have been riled up with excitement over the many film trailers that have been posted throughout the major social media platforms. The Cars 3 cast will once again be featuring a slew of recognizable names such as Owen Wilson, Armie Hammer, Cristela Alonzo, Cheech Marin, Nathan Fillion, Jenifer Lewis, and the infamous Larry the Cable 3

The main character Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is viewed as the well-established superstar but eventually finds himself faltering in his racing abilities against Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer), the new antagonist of the film. In the trailers, we can see Lightning McQueen spinning in slow motion after a freak tire malfunction, making the whole world question whether or not he should ever step up to the race track ever again. The racing world is evolving with technologically advanced training programs and faster racecars leading the industry. Lightning McQueen enlists the help of an enthusiastic race technician, Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo) to train him in order to defeat Jackson Storm and reclaim his spot as the number one racer in the world. The first Disney/Pixar Cars film debuted in 2006 and has since amassed millions in both revenue and fans. One notable difference between the newest installment and its predecessors is that Brian Fee will be directing it in place of the original director, John Lasseter. We’ll be on the edge of our seats for the entire movie, so be sure to catch the film in theaters starting June 16, 2017.


And if you haven’t already, check out the movie trailers here!

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Top 5 Sci-fi Movies starring Malcolm McDowell


Happy 74th Birthday Malcolm McDowell! With over 45 years in the business, Malcolm McDowell has starred in films of many genres and has had a wide range of roles throughout his career as well. From dramas such as Red Roses and Petrol to A Clockwork Orange, McDowell can pretty much portray any character in any universe. Here are the top 5 sci-fi movies starring Malcolm McDowell.

Star Trek Generations

Star Trek: Generations


In Star Trek: Generations, Malcolm McDowell plays Doctor Tolian Soran, a scientist set on gaining access to the Nexus. The Nexus is an ultra-dimensional realm in which one’s desires become reality. In order to open up the Nexus, Soran must fight against the Enterprise and destroy any star systems in his path.

A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange


In A Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell plays Alex Delarge who leads his gang of thugs through a crime spree in the streets of London. When DeLarge gets arrested and sentenced for his crimes, he agrees to participate in a rehabilitation therapy experiment. DeLarge loses a part of himself in the process and returns to the free world unable to fend for himself from his past.

Time After Time

Time After Time


In Time After Time, Malcolm McDowell plays H.G. Wells, a time machine inventor. Instead of traveling through time to the perfect future that he has envisioned, McDowell chases after Jack The Ripper. After Jack uses his time machine to travel back to the 1970’s. McDowell must use his invention to travel through time and bring Jack back to the present to face his crimes.




In Doomsday, Malcolm McDowell plays the role of a former scientist gone mad. Ravaged by the Reaper Virus, humanity tries to rebuild itself. Years have passed since the initial outbreak of the Reaper Virus, but the virus hasn’t been completely contained. Now a team of operatives must go back into the contamination zone to find a cure for the disease before it’s too late.




In Antiviral, Malcolm McDowell plays the role of Dr. Abendroth, a physician trying to discover the ailment of his most recent clients. A company is creating the ultimate fanbase experience. Super fans can now experience the same illnesses and diseases of their favorite celebrities. With a growing black market, viruses are being spread under the table of Hollywood’s spotlight.

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Brotherly Love on Brother’s Day


Happy Brother's Day everyone! I hope your siblings are not giving you too much trouble. Most brothers are seen by their siblings as troublemakers, idols, or their best friends. Sticking with you through thick and thin is what we want in a brother, and no one shows this more than Sam MacQueen and Felix Stranger from the film Ways to Live Forever. Now you may be thinking to yourself, "Hey, they're not actual brothers in the movie, they're just friends." Well, astute reader, you are right, but who says that a brother has to solely be a biological one? Your brother can be anyone you feel has a close connection to you. Sam and Felix both went through a common struggle and found ways to enjoy their lives even when there was something fatal such as cancer looming over them. That's what these characters did for one another: support each other in the wake of tragedy. Even though eating worms is not something I advise doing, it was a bonding experience for the boys, even if it was just learning to never eat worms ever again. Who knows if Sam would have started making videos without Felix being there, possibly causing a different title to come about unless they found another way to live for forever. If you would like to see Ways to Live Forever then click this link.

WTLF Brother

Another film brother duo is Mike and Rusty from the movie Rusty Steel, who end up finding Nazi gold but only through endless fun and adventure. Their interactions with one another make them seem like fire and ice where Rusty tries to find the value in things such as the boat given to them by their uncle, while Mike really only sees money as a valuable item. Even these differences, however, do not break their bond and in the end, they are strengthened by the journey they went through. You can watch the movie at this link.

Rusty Steel Brother

Whether biological or fake, you have a person in your life that you consider a brother. Through trials and tribulations, you find the value in being near those you cherish. So today, maybe dealing with your brother for a day isn't so bad.  


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Celebrating the Birthday of Legendary Willie Nelson!


Wishing Willie Nelson a wonderful birthday from World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation!

This multi-faceted, American-born singer, actor, and activist has been deemed one of the most recognized artists in country music. Just last month, he was invited as a special guest to Asleep at the Wheel bandleader Ray Benson’s Birthday Bash in Austin on a Tuesday night. He opened his set with “Whiskey River,” and teamed with Benson on the Townes van Zandt classic,”Pancho & Lefty.”

Willie Nelson

Singer-songwriter Willie Nelson started writing his first song at the age of seven, and in 1973 Atlantic Records signed him on. He uses a variety of music styles in his country songs which set him apart from others - a hybrid of jazz, pop, blues, rock, and folk. He also has 12 Grammy Awards under his belt from being the hit sensation of the country genre. Though he was on track to becoming the talk of the town, all of his success would not have come about if not for all the sacrifices that he made. He worked a variety of jobs - from a radio announcer and singer in a Vancouver club to a dishwasher, and finally to selling bibles and vacuum cleaners door-to-door. He persevered and was successful in his career.

Besides all of the successes that Willie Nelson has had in his lifetime, his acting really took off with his debut film in 1979, The Electric Horseman. He recently appeared in the documentary Welcome to Eden that you can buy/rent here, distributed by World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation. Once again, Happy Birthday to actor and musician Willie Nelson!

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Have a Happy Earth Day with Family Movies!


Earth Day, which falls on Saturday, April 22nd, is a worldwide celebration of life and positivity for world preservation awareness. The first Earth Day was celebrated worldwide on April 22nd, 1970. It is celebrated in over 190 countries and is currently one of the largest celebrated events in the world. As one of the largest non-profit ventures in the world, the Earth Day Movement has pushed for education and policy progress for over 40 years. Humans have one the highest effects on nature, and it is important for people to gain more awareness about their environment and natural resources. Not only is the news media sharing information on Earth Day celebrations, the film industry has been spreading awareness for decades.


The act of preserving the Earth is open to all ages, and the film industry has a movie for everyone. From documentaries to animated adventures, nature preservation and world films are a big part of Earth Day commemorations. Earth Day is not just about planting a seed in the ground, but spreading awareness for future planetary wellness.

Earth 2

A few great examples of family-friendly Earth Day movies are The Lorax, Wall-E, March of the Penguins, Hoot, and Schoolhouse Rock! Earth. With planetary awareness on the rise amongst family-friendly movies, younger generations have better representations of what Earth Day is all about. Taking care of the planet is a responsibility for everyone. Planting a tree, and recycling are great means of preservation, but movies and media can make the biggest impact to the broadest audiences. Another big Earth Day event is the Earth Day film Festival which is held worldwide. The Earth Day Film Festival is a showcase of environmentally conscientious films and film projects. With the festival focusing on new themes every year, the festival calls for better clean energy and better zero waste movements.

Earth 3

For cinephiles and documentary lovers, there is Welcome to Eden, a documentary on the preservation of the largest urban farm in America. Earth Day is only successful if people bring awareness to the world’s health and its problems. If you would like to keep up to date with future projects, be sure to follow us on our social media and check out for more updates.