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Happy Birthday, Ben Chaplin and Emilia Fox!


Back in 2010, Mr. Gustavo Ron brought to the screen Sally Nicholls debut 2008 novel, Ways to Live Forever. Documenting the life of a boy suffering from leukemia, the films stars many talented individuals, two of which are celebrating a little something special today. Actors Ben Chaplin and Emilia Fox not only star in this heartfelt film but also share the same birthday!

Born Emilia Rose Elizabeth Fox, this lovely English actress became widely known for her role as Dr. Nikki Alexander on the BBC crime drama, Silent Witness, after joining the cast in 2004. Fox has continued to have a very successful career in both TV and Film having starred in Merlin as Morgause, Flashbacks of A Fool as Sister Jean, and of course in our very own Ways to Live Forever as the mother. These are but a few projects that Fox has taken part in!

Mr. Ben Chaplin was born Benedict John Greenwood on July 31st of 1969 in England. After being applauded for his performance as Tom Wingfield in Sam Mendes’ stage production of The Glass Menagerie (1995), he went on to star in both TV and film productions, some of his most recent being, Mad Dogs as Joel, Little Boy as Ben Eagle, and like Ms. Fox, Ways to Live Forever as the father.

From all of us at WWMPC we would like to wish you both a very happy and joyous birthday, cheers to you, Ben and Emilia!

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So what is Parent’s Day anyways?


            Even if you aren’t a holiday junkie like I am, you should at least know about the upcoming national holiday that is Parent’s Day. Held annually on the fourth Sunday of July, Parent’s Day is a day that celebrates the responsibilities of parents and all that they’ve done for their children. On this day, children make the effort of showing how thankful they are to their parents, who shaped them into the people that they are today. Parents not only bring us into the world but also guide our paths until one of us leaves first. The role of parents is to positively shape us into better human beings, and having a day dedicated to their efforts is just a tiny fraction to show how much we appreciate them. Plus, it’s a great reason to spend time with your folks.

        Parent’s Day was started in 1994 by the Bill Clinton administration. President Clinton realized that although there were specific holidays for fathers and mothers, there wasn’t a day that celebrates the efforts of both the parents together. Parent’s Day recognizes the important role of responsible parenting of both parents in the everyday family life for their children. According to the Congressional Resolution, Parent’s Day is established for “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.” And it isn’t only native to the United States alone. Countries like South Korea and Vietnam have their own separate date for Parent’s Day as well, and they take it very seriously. The United Nations designated June 1st to be the Global Day of Parents, which honors parents throughout the world. So the fact that we have our own separate day in America means that this is a pretty big deal.

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The Best 4th of July/Independence Day Movies


On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies claimed their independence from the United Kingdom, an event that would lead to the formation of the United States as we know it today. Each year, the holiday is celebrated by igniting brilliant fireworks and barbecuing our hearts out! After you’ve lit up the night’s dark sky with your friends and family, have a relaxing weekend by watching our top 3 patriotic films!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!

Born on the Fourth of July

Born on the Fourth of July (Stone, 1989)-  Winner of two Academy Awards, for Best Director and Best Film Editing, the film follows Ron Kovic (Tom Cruise) in mid-1960’s, suburban New York, as he enlists in the Marines. The second of three films written by Oliver Stone, Born on the Fourth of July further explores the effects of the Vietnam War. What makes this film even more special is that it was co-written by Ron Kovic, Vietnam War veteran, himself, as the American biographical war drama is based on the best-selling autobiography of the same name.

Independance day

Independence Day (Emmerich, 1996)--  If you’re looking for an epic adventure film, this one’s the one for you. As a series of unfortunate events unfold, survivors struggle to come together to save the human race; it’s a mission over the Fourth of July weekend led by a computer genius (Jeff Goldblum), a jet pilot (Will Smith), and the President of the United States (Bill Pullman). If you think the film is good, keep your ear out on the film's Grammy Award-winning score composed by the great David Arnold!


The Patriot (Emmerich, 2000)-- Emmerich came back with another Patriotic classic! The American epic historical fiction war film was written by Robert Rodat and follows the life of Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) a man forced to join the American Revolution after the British threaten to harm his livelihood. Together with his son Gabriel (Heath Ledger), they fight the Redcoats. Fun fact: it’s said that Rodat wrote seventeen drafts of the script before there was an acceptable one! Although almost 3 hours long, The Patriot is definitely worth watching this 4th of July weekend!


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Re-living Red Roses and Petrol Once Again!



9 years of unrivaled legacy from actors such as Malcolm McDowell, Olivia Tracey, Max Beesley, as well as Susan Lynch. The movie, Red Roses and Petrol revolves around the death of a family figurehead that reunites the dysfunctional family members. Malcolm McDowell (Enda Doyle) plays the role perfectly as a university librarian, poet, and an all-around complicated man that leaves the family very much scattered and drifted apart. The drama film, initially based off a stage play by Joseph O’ Conner (who is a successful Irish novelist), won multiple awards ranging from Avignon Film Festival to the Palm Springs Film Festival due to its captivating moments that stem from its family disputes and instability.



What the family could have looked like had Enda Doyle lived. Happily ever after!

Fast-forward 9 years from the theatrical release date of the film, these actors all have created a footprint in the industry and have are still pursuing great things. Malcolm McDowell will be co-hosting Broadway Barks, an annual event about a star-studded dog and cat adoption event that benefits New York City animal rescue groups whereas stars such as Olivia Tracey have taken more of a backseat route in producing films rather than acting in it.

If you have not had the opportunity to watch the film yet, you can find it here. It is also another one on the list to watch with your family during this Summer!

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Happy Birthday Paul Campbell, You Do You!


While some of us may mark June 22 as National Chocolate Eclair Day, it just so happens to also be the birthday our beloved Canadian actor Paul Campbell! Campbell’s earliest screen appearance was for a TV show called The Dead Zone back in 2002, but he has since started or been a part of many other TV shows and films.

Paul’s rise to fame came when he was cast to be Billy Keikeya in the revamped 2004 version of the 1970’s show, Battlestar Galactica, where he was the beloved personal assistant to the President of the Twelve Colonies Laura Roslin. Some of this other works involve Preggoland, Almost Heroes, and Rusty Steel. In 2005, he won himself a Leo Award for Best Lead Performance by a Male in the comedy-drama film Ill Fated (2004). The film also received other awards as well such as Best Direction for a Feature Length Drama. You can currently find Paul Campbell starring in the hilarious CTV sitcom Spun Out, which was nominated numerous times for the 2014 and 2015 Canadian Screen Awards.

Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell (now 38) was born in Vancouver, Canada on June 22, 1979. He is currently married to Lorie Campbell and has a son named Kingston. Some of Paul’s interests include putting peanut butter on everything, complaining about free samples at grocery stores, and eating chili with his shirt off. You can check out more of his Twitter shenanigans here. Best wishes to you Mr. Paul Campbell, and may you continue to provide us with more quality entertainment for many years to come.

Paul Campbell tweet

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Best movies for Father’s Day 2017


“A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” - a quote Zeus once told his son, Hercules, in the Walt Disney film Hercules. Fathers play a very vital role in many motion pictures, and an even more important role in the lives of real, everyday people. Dads across the globe should always be appreciated for what they do for their families, and that dedicated day is coming up where it’s our job to make dad’s day even a little more special. The love between a father and his child is, arguably, one of the strongest things in the world. Despite all the shark attacks, obstacles, and hopelessness, do you think Marlin would have ever found Nemo if he hadn’t loved his son as much as he had? This binding love is what drives fathers across the world to do what they do. Despite losing his job and being evicted, Chris Gardner (actor Will Smith) was motivated to never give up in hopes of giving his son a better life in The Pursuit of Happiness. That fatherly love one has for his child is what helps him push through any and all hardships he may face in a day.


Many of us have no desire to have children. Does that mean I’m missing out on this “binding love?” Sonny Koufax (actor Adam Sandler) was a thirty-two-year-old immature slacker who’s biggest fear, was the mere thought of responsibility. After Sonny’s girlfriend dumps him, actor Adam Sandler has the brilliant idea of adopting a five-year-old child (actor Dylan Sprouse, actor Cole Sprouse) in hopes of proving his maturity to his girlfriend. Things don’t go the way Sonny had planned and finds himself stuck with the kid until an adopting parent decides to claim him. As time passes, actor Adam Sandler finds himself falling in love with the five-year-old child, loving him as if it were his own offspring. The love of a father is as beautiful as it is spontaneous. Many that have once said no to kids, will find themselves becoming parents in the future and realize bearing a child was one of the best things to have ever happened to them.

Big Daddy

Another important character in Big Daddy was the Delivery Guy (actor Rob Schneider), who helped Sonny realize that the five-year-old kid was making him his happiest he had ever been. Along with his many portrayals of unique characters, Ula in 50 First Dates; Ernesto in You May Not Kiss the Bride, offscreen actor Rob Schneider is the father of two beautiful daughters (Elle King, Miranda Scarlett Schneider). So be sure to reciprocate that fatherly love 100 times and give Pops a big hug this Sunday!