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What Are the Actors from YOU MAY NOT KISS THE BRIDE Doing Now…


You May Not Kiss the Bride, a romantic comedy, contains the right amount of love, action, and wit to keep American audiences happy. With notable stars, like actress Katharine McPhee (most known for her role Karen Cartwright in the hit TV show Smash) and actor Rob Schneider (known for starring in his saga of Deuce Bigalow films), it is no wonder why You May Not Kiss the Bride made audiences across the globe laugh, awe, and sit on the edge of their seats. The entire cast has been staying busy since their 2011 spring debut.


Our main protagonist, Bryan Lighthouse (actor Dave Annable), is to star in the Horror/Thriller Armed Response. Actor Dave Annable has also been establishing his Television dominance with his role Dr. Jack McAndrew in the very successful TV series Red Band Society (8/10 stars - IMDb) and his current role Dr. Pierce Harrison in NBC’s original series Heartbeat.

American Horror StoryTwo more added to the list, who have been absolutely killing it on television sets across the nation, are actress Kathy Bates (Bryan’s Mother) and actress Mena Suvari (Tonya). Both have appeared on the cult-followed series American History Story. While actress Kathy Bates has appeared in over half the series (46 episodes), Kathy has been earning, even more, screen time with such roles, Jo Bennett in the award-winning TV series The Office and also appearing alongside Ashton Kutcher in CBS’s Two and a Half Men. Not to forget You May Not Kiss the Bride’s nutty, sex-driven character Tonya (actress Mena Suvari), who may have only appeared in the film a few scenes, has accumulated the most credits out of the entire cast since its 2011 release date (IMDb). This highly motivated and driven actress has been demonstrating her relevance in the entertainment world from voice-overing in the animated series Justice League Action to starring in the American Pie film chronicles.

Mena Suvari

Actress Mena Suvari, as the rest of the cast, has been staying occupied since it’s Sonoma International Film Festival debut. The accomplishments of these talented actors and actresses, alike, clearly show why The World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation decided to go with You May Not Kiss the Bride.  


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Beauty and the Beast – A Tale as Old as Time!


After waiting for 26 years, Disney has finally flooded its anticipating audience with its live-action version of Beauty and the Beast (2017). From the well-known and beloved 1991 animated version comes the modern retelling that’s filled not only with an amazing cast - Emma Watson (Belle), Dan Stevens (Beast), Luke Evans (Gaston) etc. - but also with a nostalgic soundtrack that will simultaneously warm the hearts of previous generations and invite a new generation into the magical Disney community.

Compared to the animated version, this live-action film amazes with its production design. It has a stylistic aesthetic compared to the previously illustrated sets as it blends both physical objects and computer-generated imagery (CGI), creating a hybrid between live-action and animation. For example, the well-known castle in which the Beast resides has transformed in this 2017 version and brings a realistic dimension that the animated version lacked. As a result, this film is visually appealing, evoking strong emotions - happiness, sadness, etc. - all in one sitting.

Beauty and the Beast

Not only with its production design, but Beauty and the Beast (2017) amazes with its cast members. Emma Watson, who plays Belle in the film, portrays the character with poise and excellence. Although not exactly the same as the animated version, Watson brings forth a unique, but also familiar feeling towards the character of Belle. And who can forget the villain Gaston? Luke Evans, who plays Gaston in the film, satisfies the audience with his egotistical and sexist disposition that we have all been familiar with.

Despite some debate over the increasing number of animated turned live-action films, Beauty and the Beast (2017) does a good job of maintaining the storyline and characters of the animated version. However, it is ultimately up to you to determine if this film is a yay or nay so go out there to your local theater and check it out! Maybe you will fall in love with a tale as old as a time like the rest of the world!

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Happy One Year Anniversary to The Nightingale Film


Today, we celebrate the one year anniversary of The Nightingale theatrical release, which was China’s official submission to the Academy Awards for best foreign-language film. The internationally critically acclaimed film is a sweet family friendly movie, which appeals to all ages and all walks of life. From a bratty granddaughter to ailing relationships, the film is more than just a train ride across rural China. The film is a modern-day parable on life and happiness, showing how love can be a strong force and unbreakable bond.

The Nightingale has been critically acclaimed by many sources such as The New York Times, SF Gate, and The LA Times. All of whom have given much praise for the movie’s storytelling and prowess. Although the film was produced in China, the film was written and directed by French Director, Philippe Muyl. Along with The Nightingale’s fluid storyline, the strong cinematography of the film is gauging and energetic.

Grandparents day blog

The New York Times states that “The Nightingale demonstrates the ways urbanization has sapped our appreciation of country values and landscape. Mr. Muyl’s unforced direction, coupled with the cinematographer Sun Ming’s lovely images and Armand Amar’s unintrusive musical score, reminds us of what we are missing.”

If you did not make it to the theatrical release of the movie, you can buy the DVD or stream the movie online on You can also stream or rent the DVD on Metacritic. The Nightingale has something for everyone. If you would like to keep up to date with the movie and its production team, be sure to follow us on our social media and check out our for more updates.


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A Lovely Day for Health on World Health Day


Happy World Health Day to all who are reading this. Here's to many more happy and healthy days. To those who may not be so healthy, this day should not be a discouraging one, but rather an uplifting and heartwarming way of keeping your hopes up. For those helping out people with disabilities, you should not loathe or fear that your assistance is hindering or impeding their happiness; you are making their lives easier, after all. Whether it’s helping a loved one or a stranger, characters such as Leonard from the film The Lovely Patient show us that it is not impossible to do this.

The lovely Patient 1

Having a family member with a disability, it may seem difficult to continue having a normal life, but this is not always the case. While you may be taking care of another person besides yourself, it does not have to be seen as a crutch. Leaving the question standing, how does one make taking care of someone fun? Here are some ways to make being around the person you are taking care of does not feel like a chore.


  • The first thing you must remember is that they are human, and humans enjoy interacting with one another, we are social beings after all. You should not look at the person as a victim of health problems, but rather as a friend who just needs a little more help.


  • Adjusting the living situation is one major task that may be daunting, but the benefits weigh out more than the losses. Making a place easier to live is what people want anyway.


  • Making sure that they’re active is key to not realizing they have a disadvantage. It's a healthy distraction just as long as they are not hurting themselves in the process. The hobby may also be beneficial in the recovery of some.

The lovely Patient 2

Looking back at the film The Lovely Patient, it displays these tips in certain ways. Leonard always makes sure he is supportive of his mother, Katherine, even when she puts herself down. He knows that being disabled should not be seen as a crutch. The living situation for the two of them is not ideal, but Leonard makes up for this by being there for whatever she needs. It may cost him at times, but he knows she is his priority. Leonard’s mother throughout the film does not show any hobbies besides going to therapy, but by looking at this through a different lens, it is her hobby. She is keeping herself active through her recovery which can become a hobby after a while.

Supporting people with disabilities is no easy task, but these ways should help shed a light on what can be done to make not only their lives easier but, yours as well. Our health is important which is why this day was created, but remember that those with disabilities are celebrating this day as much as we are.


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Doctor’s Day 2017 with Robbie Kay film WAYS TO LIVE FOREVER


There is absolutely no question that today’s doctors are some of the most heroic figures in the world. They dedicate a lot of time which begins in their schooling years and spend long nights studying so that they can one day make this world a better place for the greater good. Their work days are some of the longest out there. They don’t think twice about making great sacrifices, and around the world, in some cases, doctors even place their lives on the front lines for others. At the end of the day, they do their work without seeking credit or publicity. Sometimes we may not like going in for a checkup or physical, but a trip to the docs office can keep our bodies in shape and can even save our lives.Doctors day

World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation supports doctors everywhere. During the campaign for the release of the feature film Ways To Live Forever, with Robbie Kay and Ella Purnell, WWMPC reached out to John Hopkin’s University, which is a world leader in research and education in medicine as well as public health, to talk about how we can give back to them. Ultimately, a portion of the proceeds from the release of the were set aside to help fund pediatric cancer programs at John Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center.


Though this was only a small token of gratitude towards doctors and researchers everywhere, our appreciation for them speaks volumes. While doctors don’t wear capes, their white coats will forever symbolize their heroic works in which we today recognize and acknowledge. Doctors worldwide: we thank you and salute you for all your hard work and dedication.

To learn more about John Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center and Ways To Live Forever, watch the video below.


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New X-Men Film LOGAN – the End of the Line for Wolverine


20th Century Fox’s Logan released in theaters Friday, March 3rd, and we are excited for the epic finale of the Wolverine saga. Although the solo Wolverine series is coming to a close, Logan still packs a punch with more grit, claws, and vulgar attitude. As the first X-Men movie with an R-Rating, Logan creates the true iteration of Wolverine. Fans of the comics know how dark the characters were, and the movie shines light of their essence. With many insights from the comics’ storyline, Logan rests in the hearts of its hardcore fanbase.


Compared to previous X-Men and Wolverine movies with forced storylines and quirky characters, Logan feels matured. The construct of life and empathy are at the forefront of the movie’s complexity. The entire world is not at the knees of a supervillain, but of a man who must choose the difference between what is right and wrong. Logan overflows with intimacy and sympathy for each character.

Wolverine 2

Logan, by any means, is not a pity party. It is the most violent X-Men movie ever to be released. With visible blood and gore, fight scenes electrify the screen with satisfying choreography and feeling. Unlike previous X-Men movies, Logan is not for child-friendly audiences. Logan barks in your face with brash humor and grade-A action. As fans, we will miss Hugh Jackman’s performance of Wolverine, but also realize that performances must come to an end.  Logan is a beautiful send-off to an underrated hero.