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Ways to Live Forever Coming to DVD on January 6, 2015



Many fans of actor Robbie Kay have been waiting patiently for a chance to watch the feature film Ways to Live Forever from the comfort of their home. World Wide Motion Pictures is proud to announce that the North American DVD of Ways to Live Forever will be released January 6, 2015, through World Wide’s ongoing arrangement with Kino Lorber in New York. It’s now available for pre-sale at select retailers including Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart. The film stars Ben Chaplin (Cinderella - 2015), Robbie Kay (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides), Ella Purnell (Maleficent), and Alex Etel (The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep).  In addition to this, Ways to Live Forever is now playing on select airlines including Aer Lingus. Check out the film while traveling around the globe this holiday season.


In other news, World Wide has had many successful screenings of Ways to Live Forever throughout the country. On November 2nd of this year, the Eli Sidler Foundation and the Jedediah Thomas Smith Foundation held a special screening of the film at the Penn Cinema in Lititz, PA. In September, a screening was held at Boston’s Somerville Theatre to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. Many organizations have supported the release of this film, including the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins. World Wide would like to thank to all those who came out to support the film.


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Documentary about Demolished Urban Farm, with Daryl Hannah and Willie Nelson



Welcome To Eden documents the plight of farmers in South Central Los Angeles fighting to keep land given to them by the City of Los Angeles after the LA Riots in 1992. In 2003, the people were notified that the community land was to be sold to developers. Many people rallied to support the community's attempts to keep the farm, which allowed local citizens to grow fruits and vegetables for their families. The community was able to raise $16.3 million to buy the land back with help from high-profile supporters such as Daryl Hannah, Willie Nelson, Julia Butterfly Hill, and Joan Baez.

The land was sold and the farmers were ultimately evicted from the land in 2006. After the farmers’ attempts to purchase the land were turned down, there were many rallies held in protest of the sale, which resulted in the arrest of actress Daryl Hannah. Along with  Julia Butterfly Hill, Hannah was removed from a walnut tree and detained for not vacating the premises. The farm was eventually bulldozed and leveled to prepare for future construction. Later that year, the farmers brought their case to court, but the judge ultimately upheld the sale of the land.

The documentary Welcome To Eden showcases this important event in Los Angeles history. Since the eviction, the people that still believed in the cause of a community farm established the South Central Farmers Health and Education Fund to help communities access food and create economic opportunities for those in need. They have also partnered with other organizations and investors to help teach people about a healthy lifestyle. You can continue to follow their journey on their website:

Welcome To Eden is now available on for purchase on VOD and digital download at In the month of December, for the first 10 people that use the code DECEMBER10 at checkout, you can buy the film at 75% off.


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16 Years of the Beloved Film Amy Starring Rachel Griffiths



        The beloved Australian film Amy turns 16 years old this year. Alana De Roma, Rachel Griffiths, and Ben Mendelsohn starred in the film about a girl with hysterical deafness. The film captured the hearts of many around the world, winning numerous awards in the process.

Alana De Roma, who played the title character, now in her early twenties, is still asked about her role in the film. Since the film, Alana De Roma has been teaching dance classes in Australia.

Since Amy, Rachel Griffiths has kept busy as an actress in America, where she has appeared in several hit films including My Best Friend's Wedding alongside Julia Roberts. She also appeared in 1997’s Hilary & Jackie for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Her resume also includes the film Blow and Saving Mr. Banks. Rachel Griffiths has also starred in two popular television series, including HBO’s Six Feet Under and ABC’s Brothers and Sisters with both shows garnering the actress several award nominations. Her newest project is in Stalking Julia, a television movie about the former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. The television movie is currently in post-production.

After Amy, Ben Mendelsohn appeared in films such as The Dark Knight Rises, Killing Them Softly, The Place Beyond the Pines, and  Killer Elite. He has been nominated for eight Australian Film Institute awards and he won Best Lead Actor and Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Ben has also won an Astra Award for the Most Outstanding Performance by an Actor-Male. His most recent film is Starred Up, a film about a teenager who meets his father while in jail.

Amy is now available on VOD and Digital Download at In the month of December, for the first 10 people that use the code DECEMBER10 at checkout, you can buy the film at 75% off.

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Willie Nelson to perform at Farm Aid concert



        Willie Nelson performed at the annual Farm Aid concert in North Carolina on September 13. The annual event allows concert-goers to watch live performances as well as eat food from family farmers who sell their food at the event. This year, there were performances from Neil Young, John Mellencamp, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, Jack White, and more.

Nelson is the co-founder and president of the non-profit organization Farm Aid. The mission of the organization is to help keep family farmers on their land. The first Farm Aid concert took place in 1985. Since then, the organization has raised over $45 million.

Helping farmers remain on their farms is a cause Willie Nelson has promoted for many years. In 2006, the South Central Farm, an urban farm in Los Angeles, where members of the community could grow their own food, was to be bulldozed. Willie Nelson as well as Daryl Hannah and Joan Baez protested the closure of the urban farm. The South Central Farm was the subject of WWMPC's Welcome to Eden.

For more information, see the Farm Aid website at


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4 Scary Movies To Get You In the Halloween Spirit


Wondering what to do for Halloween this year? Feel like staying in? Instead of carving yet another pumpkin or dressing up in outlandish outfits, you can relax and binge watch amazing classics like The Woman in Green, Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome, Nosferatu, and more modern slasher pics like Killers (aka Real Killers). The quarter moon will be a perfect time to curl up and watch a film.

Sherlock Holmes and the Woman in Green was written by Bertram Millhauser and directed by Roy William Neill. Together they made over 150 films from the 1920s through the 1940s. Sherlock Holmes was a special passion for Roy Neil, as he created many films based on the famous books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. While today’s versions are flashy and action-oriented, there is nothing like the watching the original masters at work. The Woman in Green concerns the murders of four women. The trail of clues leads Homes to a society of hypnotists and a web of blackmail. Holmes becomes convinced that the only person that could be responsible for such evil doings is his archenemy, Professor Moriarty (played by Henry Daniell - The Philadelphia Story).

World Wide Motion Pictures also has the classic film Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome written by Robinson White, Eric Taylor (1943s The Phantom of the Opera) and directed by John Rollins. The incomparable Boris Karloff plays Gruesome in this film, who starred in such horror classics as Frankenstein from 1931.  In the film, Gruesome is assumed to be dead by the police after inhaling nerve gas and passing out.  After being transported to the morgue, Gruesome awakens and escapes and other criminals begin to adopt the tactic - and Dick Tracy (Ralph Byrd, also of the 1950s TV series), steps in to put a stop to the trickery.

Killers (aka Real Killers) is one of the featured films on It is a cult classic horror about two siblings who kill their parents in cold blood and become the objective of obsession of the family who takes them in after escaping death row. It was written by Dave Larson and directed by Mike Mendez. Mike also directed and edited Big, Ass Spider! Dave Larsen also serves as one of the film’s writers and receives producing credit as well.

Nosferatu is one of the best and most well-known silent films. Max Schreck stars in this 1922 German expressionist film as the vampire Count Orlok. Hutter, played by Gustav von Wangenheim, an employee at a real estate agency, pays a visit to Count Orlok’s home on behalf of his employer. During his stay, Hutter gets more than he bargained for as he realizes Orlok is not just the eccentric gentleman up the road. Max played mostly out of the ordinary characters, such as elderly and grotesque figures, and he had talent and passion for makeup and costume design.  Max Schreck played hundreds of roles in his lifetime.

So, curl up with your movie watching buddy and enjoy these spooky Halloween spirit classics. Happy Halloween from World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation!

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We’re Changing The Game Of Independent Film!


Have you ever tried searching for a classic or independent film, but when you got to the product page, it was unavailable?! Yeah. We hate that, too! It's so common with 'out of print' films from smaller filmmakers and distributors.

Introducing IndieMovieStore Video-On-Demand! Brought to you by World Wide Motion Pictures and powered by Vimeo, our VOD store allows you to not only find the titles you're looking for, but view them immediately! We will be releasing some of our most-popular feature films over the next few months, starting with eight AVAILABLE NOW!

<montage trailer embed>

* Skin Deep - an exploration of lifetimes in ink (documentary series - special LOW price)

* Welcome To Eden - celebrities join the fight to save an urban farm (Willie Nelson, Daryl Hannah, and Joan Baez)

* Inspired By Angels - do angels exist? Decide for yourself!

* Red Roses and Petrol - an ounce of family with a splash of whiskey (Malcolm McDowell)

* Amy - she won't speak, but she still taught the world to sing! (Rachel Griffiths)

* Pop Kowboy - a delightfully charming cowboy comedy with a twist of Dallas Buyers Club

* Rusty Steel - a maritime chase thrilling featuring sexy women, Nazi gold, and Dean Stockwell

* Third Law - a riveting drama with a terrific ensemble cast that reminds us what indie film is really about