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Skin Deep – Greg James, Kirk Alley



Skin Deep is a five-episode series exploring the world of tattooing and its history. Each episode highlights a particular artist and style, including Polynesian and modern ink.

StarringTricia Allen, Kirk Alley, Greg James, Erika Stanley, John Brian "Swag" Knowles

Directed by: Tony Miller

Genre: Documentary

Run Time: 134 minutes


Episode 1 - Sunset Strip Tattoo 

Featured artists: Greg James

Full body and Japanese style tattoo work go together on the Sunset Strip. Plus, do tattoo artists stop themselves from doing something their clients might regret?

Episode 2 - Kirk Alley

Featured artist: Kirk Alley

Kirk got his start back in the Motley Crue days, and today has an unique approach to formulating his artwork.

Episode 3 - Erika Stanley, Art and Soul Tattoo

Featured artist: Erika Stanley

Erika discusses her fascination with the wide variety of people who get tattoos, plus being a woman in a male-dominated art form.

Episode 4 - Swag's Tattoo Lounge

Featured artist: John "Swag" Knowles

The late artist known as Swag discusses personalization, making tattoos unique to each individual, and the pain threshold for men versus women.

Episode 5 - Tricia Allen

Featured artist: Tricia Allen

Tricia discusses modern Polynesian style tattooing and its evolution.



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Welcome To Eden – Daryl Hannah, Willie Nelson


welcome to eden


This important documentary highlights the struggle of the immigrant farmers of South Central Los Angeles and the dedicated celebrity activists (Daryl Hannah, Joan Baez, Willie Nelson) who joined together to help stop their eviction and prevent the destruction of the largest urban farm in America.

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Hosted by: Daryl Hannah, Joan Baez, Willie Nelson

Directed by: Michael McGreevey

Run Time: 89 Minutes

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Inspired By Angels – Doreen Virtue


inspired by angels


A documentary that takes a look at angels, and discusses what angels are, and how they are a part of our lives. It features interviews with spiritual healers, authors, lecturers, and other angel experts. Also included are "man on the street" style interviews, getting the public opinion on this interesting, but mysterious subject.

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Run Time: 92 minutes

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