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Ben Mendelsohn, Starring in New Netflix Series titled, “Bloodlines”


Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn is starring in a new Netflix series titled Bloodlines, which has been streaming on Netflix since March 20th. In the series, Mendelsohn portrays the family's black sheep out of a group of affluent brothers. His bad attitude was sparked by a traumatic event which the other brothers were not old enough to remember.

In an interview with, Mendelsohn spoke about playing villains and how he is generally has a strength in playing them. For him, playing villains “In a traditional sense, that’s always an important role. It’s important execution-wise, so I take it as a great compliment.” Mendelsohn has had much experience in his career playing the lead antagonist. He also portrays the villain in such feature films as The Year My Voice Broke, as well as Animal Kingdom.

On Friday April 3rd, Ben celebrated his 46th birthday. Be sure to catch Ben Mendelsohn's performance in the film Amy, also starring Rachel Griffiths, which is currently being distributed by World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation.