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Ask Paprika



World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (World Wide) is gearing up to launch an exciting, interactive promotion called “Ask Paprika.” The award-winning star of Applause wants to get to know her audience here in the States. Over the next few months, fans will be able to ask Ms. Steen questions via the official Facebook and Twitter for Applause. Fans can ask not only about the film, but also about the evolving motion picture industry in Europe, Paprika’s past features, her future projects, her acting style, and more. She encourages fans to be creative with their questions and not to be afraid to ask something original and interesting. Paprika’s personalized video responses to the questions selected will be posted on YouTube. The promotion will commence this month.

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Independent Film Society Chlotrudis Applauds “Applause”



World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (World Wide) is pleased to acknowledge support for Applause by the Chlotrudis Society For Independent Film. Members of this prestigious Boston-based organization saw the film at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival and were so impressed by Paprika Steen’s performance that they’ve joined our efforts to spread word-of-mouth about the picture. Last year, Steen won the coveted Chlotrudis Career-So-Far Award honoring her memorable past work both in front and behind the camera, and she may be acknowledged again for this new film with a Chlotrudis Award nomination. For more information about this great indie film group and to read some of their reviews, visit