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Happy Holidays !



The holiday season is upon us, and finding something for the children and extended relatives to do, while cooking leftovers, can be difficult. Fans of World Wide Motion Pictures may think that we have no “real” holiday films, and we don’t, but we offer these titles for your consideration, Amy, Red Roses, and Petrol and Ways to Live Forever.  These are very entertaining films with a holiday themes like love, family and food. Also a number of our favorite actors and actresses are in classic holiday films, including Paul Campbell, and Dean Stockwell from Rusty Steel, and Natalia Tena from Ways to Live Forever and many more.

These talented actors transform themselves for each role, whether a vocal, mental, or physical change. You’d never know that Paul Campbell’s, whinny and mischief prone, character in Rusty Steel,  would lead him to become the kind, competitive and sexy leading man in the film Window Wonderland. This light hearted, and romantic film, is about Jack, played by Paul Campbell, and Sloan, played by Chyler Leigh, the struggling to get the same department store, window, designer job. To resolve the conflict they decide to have a competition, where they each of design a holiday window display and see who gets more attention from the customers. In the end, they get each others attention instead, and fall in love.

If you don’t have the hour and a half to spend on watching a full film, then watch a holiday episode of your favorite TV show. Dean Stockwell makes a cameo appearance in a holiday episode called “T’was the fight before Christmas,” of the 1970’s TV series named “McCloud.” This crime series was about a cowboy sheriff, played by Dennis Weaver, who becomes a New York Police officer, that excels at getting justice. In Season 7’s Christmas episode, he saves a woman from committing suicide and saves Santa from a hostage situation at a childrens hospital.

If you can believe it, Willie Nelson is also in a Holiday film named Angels Sing. This film focuses on those on Michael, played by Harry Connick from Law & Order: SVU,  who has lost his joy of the holiday season. When his son faces a similar tragedy, Micheal must find the courage to rekindle his joy of holiday season, that he lost. If these don’t appeal, then watch all 8 Harry Potter movies and spot World Wide’s favorite character Natalia Tena, who plays Nymphadora Tonks, a witch who can change her appearance. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and See you in the New Year!!

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“Quantum Leap” reunion on “NCIS: New Orleans” Set Dean Stockwell and Scott Bakula



It’s been ten years since Dean Stockwell and Scott Bakula worked on a set together, and twenty-five years since they were directed by James Whitmore Jr. Now they have reunited on Scott’s newest show “NCIS: New Orleans,” in an episode called “Chasing Ghosts.” During this episode, a cold case (the murder of a Naval officer) is reopened due to a Naval-issued gun being found in the possession of a dead robber. Special Agent Pride, played Scott Bakula, is the officer in charge and figures out that this is no ordinary case because murder’s prime suspect is Tom Hamilton, played by Dean Stockwell, is well sheltered by his political son. James Whitmore directed this episode and a number of episodes of Quantum Leap (15).The chemistry of these well-seasoned actors and their director, seem to make the perfect threesome.

The pair started their acting relationship when they were in the popular science fiction TV series “Quantum Leap” back in the early 90’s. Scott Bakula played Sam, a scientist who is flung through time, due to a quantum physics mishap. During the course of the show, he tries to right history and help others. All the while, trying to go unnoticed by those people who may realize that he isn’t who he looks like. Dean played Al Calavicci, Sam’s holographic advisor (not visible to anyone but him) who provides key information about historical events and events to come in each episode. While their careers have taken them into different directions, they have all been apart of famous science fiction tv shows, including “Enterprise” and “Battlestar Galactica

Dean’s character, Tom, is called “a violent drunk racist” by his son and that isn’t a long way from the Nazi gold digger that Dean Stockwell plays in World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation’s Rusty Steel. Here he also was the villain who double crosses his own niece to get a hold of sunken Nazi gold. The “Chasing Ghosts” episode of “NCIS: New Orleans” aired on November twenty-fifth at 9pm ET/PT on CBS.


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New Cinderella 2015 Trailer with Ben Chaplin is Now Up!



Millions of people were anxiously awaiting the trailer for Cinderella and couldn't be happier with the result. Unlike the first teaser trailer, where only the glass slipper is shown, this trailer goes into more detail about the classic plot and introduces the characters. Some memorable moments include when the evil step-sisters come up with Cinderella's nickname and the very lifelike mice. Most of the major plot points are shown, like Cinderella entering the ball and when the Pumpkin turns into a beautiful carriage. This new trailer has everything fans wanted and expected.

According to an article in the Daily Mail back in April, the fans aren’t only buzzing about the trailer. The off screen romance between Ben Chaplin, who plays Cinderella’s father, and his co-star Lily James, who plays Cinderella, has raised a few eyebrows. Lily is most known for her role on Downton Abbey as Lady Rose MacClare. While rumors spread about their blossoming romantic relationship, officially a spokesman states that they are “good friends.” World Wide Motion Pictures is looking forward to see how Ben’s parenting skills have changed, since he played the father in Ways to Live Forever. His authentic performance is a joy to watch, even in the short glimpses of him

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Willie Nelson Will Receive Grammy Recognition for Humanitarian Efforts


WN Grammy

Many actors and musicians like Emma Watson and Willie Nelson, have dedicated their lives and fortunes to bettering the world.  These achievements are being recognized by the Music community at the Grammy Foundation Legacy Concert, which will occur in February 2015. This event has been created to preserve historic music-related material that may otherwise be lost to time. The 16th annual concert will be a celebration of Willie Nelson, Bryan Adams, Melissa Etheridge and Cyndi Lauper as musician-philanthropist honorees.

Bryan Adams’ foundation raises money for educating children around the world as he believes that education is the best gift any child could get. Cyndi Lauper and Melissa Etheridge are both gay rights activists and champion of the LGBT community. All these wonderful people will be performing at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles to kick off Grammy week. Willie Nelson started Farm Aid with Neil Young and John Mellencamp nearly thirty years ago to support American farmers, and he has become an beacon of hope for thousands of farmers.


In World Wide Motion Pictures' documentary entitled Welcome to Eden, Willie Nelson is one of several local celebrities trying to save a downtown LA Farm. To honor such a man with a generous heart and incredible talent for country music, the Grammy committee has chosen him and the others to perform and to receive the recognition for his humanitarian work. Having all these artist on one stage will certainly make for a very lively and memorable event.



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Ways to Live Forever Coming to DVD on January 6, 2015



Many fans of actor Robbie Kay have been waiting patiently for a chance to watch the feature film Ways to Live Forever from the comfort of their home. World Wide Motion Pictures is proud to announce that the North American DVD of Ways to Live Forever will be released January 6, 2015, through World Wide’s ongoing arrangement with Kino Lorber in New York. It’s now available for pre-sale at select retailers including Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart. The film stars Ben Chaplin (Cinderella - 2015), Robbie Kay (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides), Ella Purnell (Maleficent), and Alex Etel (The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep).  In addition to this, Ways to Live Forever is now playing on select airlines including Aer Lingus. Check out the film while traveling around the globe this holiday season.


In other news, World Wide has had many successful screenings of Ways to Live Forever throughout the country. On November 2nd of this year, the Eli Sidler Foundation and the Jedediah Thomas Smith Foundation held a special screening of the film at the Penn Cinema in Lititz, PA. In September, a screening was held at Boston’s Somerville Theatre to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. Many organizations have supported the release of this film, including the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins. World Wide would like to thank to all those who came out to support the film.


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Documentary about Demolished Urban Farm, with Daryl Hannah and Willie Nelson



Welcome To Eden documents the plight of farmers in South Central Los Angeles fighting to keep land given to them by the City of Los Angeles after the LA Riots in 1992. In 2003, the people were notified that the community land was to be sold to developers. Many people rallied to support the community's attempts to keep the farm, which allowed local citizens to grow fruits and vegetables for their families. The community was able to raise $16.3 million to buy the land back with help from high-profile supporters such as Daryl Hannah, Willie Nelson, Julia Butterfly Hill, and Joan Baez.

The land was sold and the farmers were ultimately evicted from the land in 2006. After the farmers’ attempts to purchase the land were turned down, there were many rallies held in protest of the sale, which resulted in the arrest of actress Daryl Hannah. Along with  Julia Butterfly Hill, Hannah was removed from a walnut tree and detained for not vacating the premises. The farm was eventually bulldozed and leveled to prepare for future construction. Later that year, the farmers brought their case to court, but the judge ultimately upheld the sale of the land.

The documentary Welcome To Eden showcases this important event in Los Angeles history. Since the eviction, the people that still believed in the cause of a community farm established the South Central Farmers Health and Education Fund to help communities access food and create economic opportunities for those in need. They have also partnered with other organizations and investors to help teach people about a healthy lifestyle. You can continue to follow their journey on their website:

Welcome To Eden is now available on for purchase on VOD and digital download at In the month of December, for the first 10 people that use the code DECEMBER10 at checkout, you can buy the film at 75% off.