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Films About Stroke Victims, including The Lovely Patient



The Straight Story, Dave (1993), Gods and Monsters, and perhaps most famously The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, are films with one thing in common: the plot revolves around a character who has suffered a stroke.  Today is the start of the International Stroke Conference, and marks the world’s largest gathering dealing with the disease. While not many feature films have focused in the subject, they are occasionally highlighted as in the upcoming film The Lovely Patient.


A stroke is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain, which causes the brain cells to die. The severity of the stroke depends on how long your brain goes without oxygen. After only four minutes, the brain starts to become permanently damaged, after fifteen recovery is nearly impossible to recover. Some people have mild or severe strokes that may occur only once or repeatedly. According to the CDC, on average one American dies from a stroke every four minutes, which makes it the fourth most common way to die in the United States. Surviving a stroke can mean a lifetime of disability and pain. Some patients do recover, if their symptoms are caught early and treated, and there are three key ways to spot if you or a loved one is on the verge of having a stroke.

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The Lovely Patient is a film about a young man, Leonard, struggling to take care of his mother who has survived a stroke. Leonard is an aspiring filmmaker, and when he loses his janitorial job he has to scramble to find another one to continue the treatments for his mother. He finds work as a gopher at a recovery clinic for breast cancer patients, and works as a driver for Frank, a male breast cancer patient at the clinic. Together, they face hurdles life throws at them and discover the importance of forgiveness and love. This film shows the reality of what happens after the diagnosis and how they live day to day with these diseases. The Lovely Patient, distributed by World Wide Motion Pictures, is now available for presale and will be released on DVD on February 17th.

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January a Month to Celebrate Life



While some may think that January is the month of breaking New Year’s resolutions, it is actually the month to celebrate life itself. With technology and the daily grind, most people often forget that life at its core is a beautiful thing. Simple acts, such as hugging a loved one or napping under a tree, need to be treasured because we don’t know what adventures and challenges this year may bring. Take the time this month to actually live, make an effort to go through each day as if it was your last, and make the most of everything that comes your way. Look up from the phone, computer, or tablet and see the amazing world around you. Earth is our little blue planet needs our appreciation, and we need to appreciate ourselves for achieving so much as a whole. Humanity can do better by being kinder, more patient and selfless towards one other.

Celebrate Life in another way by watching The Lovely Patient and Ways to Live Forever distributed by World Wide Motion Pictures.


Both films will show you how lucky you are to be alive and healthy, and make you laugh. Think of it this way: if you live today, you won’t ever worry about tomorrow.


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Malcolm McDowell in “Mozart in the Jungle”



Renowned actor Malcolm McDowell has found himself a role on an Amazon Prime original series. “Mozart in the Jungle” is a comedy about what goes on behind the curtain of a symphony orchestra. Fans of the original source book called “ Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music” are right to be confused, as the show goes off in a completely different direction. Instead, the plot revolves around rival conductors of the New York Symphony: one on the way up, Rodrigo played by Gael Garcia Bernal, and one on the way out, Thomas played by Malcolm McDowell.  Another central character is a very talented oboist, played by Lola Kirke, who is struggling to get by. She has the attentions of the handsome dancer, played by Peter Vack, and is suspected of using her wiles to get into the orchestra.

Malcolm McDowell plays a likeable villain so well, and his affair with Cynthia, played by Saffron Burrows, is very realistic and deeply felt. Bernadette Peters has another great character in the president of the orchestra, a woman who is looking for a way to bring classical music to the modern century. Perhaps this sex-driven, drug filled, and artistic side of classical music will bring the youth back to concert halls around the world. While some critics think this show only got good after episode six, others were hooked from the pilot and are looking forward to season 2.

The versatile actor has had many recent roles, including Stanton Ingfield on “Franklin and Bash” and Enda Doyle in Red Roses and Petrol.


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Ben Chaplin Stars in War Book, film opening at the 2015 Rotterdam International Film Festival



Director Tom Harper’s War Book  is the opening film of the 44th edition of the Rotterdam International Film Festival on Wednesday January 21, 2015. War Book, Starring Ben Chaplin and Sophie Okenedo, is a political thriller written by Jack Thorne, known for episodes of Skins. This will be the second time Harper and Thorne have worked together since 2010’s The Scouting Book For Boys. The drama takes place over a nine day period, where a group of British civil servants plan out scenarios for a possible nuclear attack.All of them must decide what course of action should be used as they discuss war games and policy shaping while they struggle with each others’ different personal and political opinions. While the group of nine works to find solutions, a select few know the truth - that an actual crisis is iminent., the group of nine struggle to understand their nuclear attack situation, while sorting out their differences. Other cast members include Shaun Evans, Kerry Fox, Antony Sher, Phoebe Fox, Nicholas Burns, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Adeel Akhtar.

Following War Book’s opening January 21st, A Most Violent Year will be the closing film at the Rotterdam international film festival.

Ben Chaplin plays an authoritative government figure in this film and is involved in many other films this year, including Disney’s 2015 live action Cinderella where he plays Cinderella’s

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The Lovely Patient – Joseph L. Glenn, John Collier




The Lovely Patient follows the lives of two people: Leonard Marshall, a teenage boy in need of a stable job to support his ill mother, and Frank Hartsfield, a man battling breast cancer desperately searching for a way to attend his daughter's wedding. When Leonard Marshall is fired from his job for repeat tardiness, he finds a new job after responding to an advertisement. He is hired as Frank's new driver. Together, they face hurdles life throws at them and discover the importance of forgiveness and love.

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Starring: Joseph L. Glenn, John Collier, Dafydd Taffy, Michelle Mclemore, Jimmie Anne Campbell, Brittany Carden, A.J. Sexton, Shannon Kraiger, Kim Priolo

Directed By: Sylvester K. Folks

Written By: Sylvester K. Folks

Genre: Drama

Run Time: 99 minutes

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Ways to Live Forever on iTunes, Amazon, and Other Sites



Looking for something to spend your holiday gift cards on? Can't wait for the DVD release on January 6th? Look no further! WAYS TO LIVE FOREVER is now available for rent and digital download on several online platforms, including:




Google Play

Like most inquisitive boys, 12-year old Sam wants to know about UFOs, horror movies, ghosts, and girls. Sam also has leukemia, and although the adults in his life don’t want him to dwell on it, Sam wants to know everything about his disease and death, a possibility he might face. Together with his best friend, Felix, he embarks on a "scientific investigation" with questions, observations, evidence, reflections, and lists of all the things he wants to do someday -- like breaking a world record, flying in a blimp, kissing a girl for the first time, and experiencing what it’s like to be a teenager. In this poignant yet ultimately uplifting tale, Sam and his family face the immensity of an uncertain future with love, humor, and a touch of the unexpected.