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Actress Emilia Fox Talks About Family, Love, and Feminism in Interview with Good Housekeeping UK


Actress Emilia Fox opened up to Good Housekeeping for the August 2015 issue about her hopes and views on marriage and men.

After a recent trip to Ethiopia as an ambassador for ActionAid, the 41 year-old Fox stated she “would love to get married again.” The actress describes herself as a hopeless romantic, and hopes that she can marry once again. Emilia Fox was married to Jared Harris in 2005, but the two were divorced after three years.

The Ways To Live Forever actress told the magazine, “When I was in Ethiopia and saw families with siblings who look after each other, I thought how we can get caught up in our work. But what is more important than family life? So, yes, I would love more children!” She also mentioned it would be nice for her daughter to have more siblings to grow up with.

Fox recalls that in her youth she had “a very idyllic childhood, of innocence and wild gardens and running around in Dorset pressing wild flowers, making scrapbooks and being by the sea in rock pools.”

She encourages romance and chivalry, as she wholeheartedly stated that she “believes in equality…But equally I love it when gentlemen are allowed to be gentlemen…I don’t think we want to kill that off with the word feminism—when a gentleman is kind to you and opens a door, or gives up his seat or says something nice, we must encourage that too,” and believes equality should live hand-in-hand with chivalry.